bios update caused cpu to run hotter? abit IP35 proXE

Abit IP35 pro xe
intel Q6600 quad core
xigmatek HDT-s1283 cooler

new build, cpu was running at a constant 27-28 deg celsius at idle... after a week or so i updated the bios, now it runs idle at 32-33 deg Celsius
is it possible a bios update could affect the cpu temp?

doesnt seem to be that big of a deal compared to others q6600 temps, though it was nice having it regularly below 30. but it does have me wondering what made it go up like that. i havent touched a thing inside the case

any thoughts?
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  1. Yes. Either case is nothing to worry about.
  2. Perfectly normal. Temp readings are an "about" figure anyway, and never are 100% accurate. You can use 3 different programs/ways to test temp and get 3 different readings that will vary +/- 5 deg. on average.
  3. Why did you update bios in the first place?
    People seem to think that bios updates are mandatory when they come out. They're not, they're put out to fix problems other people are having with newer hardware.
    If your system was working fine and you had no issues then don't flash your bios.
    But either way your 30 to 33c temps are ok. My brothers idles at 38c with stock cooler.
  4. The update probably just changed the formula used to determine the CPU temp. I remember my old S939 X2 3800+ dropping like 10 deg C with a BIOS update, then up 5C with the next. Just different ways of measuring.
  5. Could have possibly upped the voltage a tad.

    Or what the others are saying.
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