Maximus II formula vs Rampage formula

I would like some insight on the pros and cons on these boards. I already bought one I am just hoping I bought the right one oddly enough my friend bought the other.
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  1. Besides having cool names like 'Maximus' and 'Rampage', the boards are two of the better Intel CrossfireX PCIE 2.0 16 x 2 boards currently available. The 'Rampage' is probably the hottest X48 board out there, while the 'Maximus X38' is not far behind performance wise, but OC's slightly inferior to the Rammer and runs a bit hotter. Unless the competition come out with something that performes as well, or named as cleverly like the 'Extenze' or the 'King Cobra' your Maximus and Rampage editions should be enough to satisfy even the most hardcore Epenis subscribers.
  2. And if you owned a qx6850 and both boards were the same price which would you pick
  3. Badge you frickin noob. Maximus II formula is P45 NOT X38 and therefore lacking of 16 x 2 CF! Rampage formula performs better and OCs like a king.
  4. Is that the only difference with the boards? And btw modtech I LOVE the intensity :sol:
  5. modtech said:
    Badge you frickin noob. Maximus II formula is P45 NOT X38 and therefore lacking of 16 x 2 CF! Rampage formula performs better and OCs like a king.

    STFU. You've never spoken to me on this Forumn before and your calling me a noob. Don't post to my name anymore. Ef you.
  6. Back to the pros and cons
  7. Well, the X48 is the highest binned chip Intel makes currently. So, if you are comparing the X48 to a P45, the X48 will generally perform slightly higher overall. The X48 offers PCIE2 .0 16 x 2 crossfire. Pay no attention to modtech, he owns none of the equiptment we are talking about. Modtech is a common TF Troll.
  8. BTW, very nice processor you have. I would bet Modtech has a Q6600 and a 680i trying for 3.0 GHz. with $600 worth of cooling equipt. and bomb PC8500.
  9. Thanks on the cpu Im actully coming from a q6600 on a Intel DG33TL I am hoping the diffrences are going to be very noticible the upgrade is costing me $550. So would you say the Rampage is a better buy?
  10. So you are planning on installing a qx6850 on an Asus Rampage Formula X48? You currently have a Q6600 running on a G33? I'm not sure if I have this straight? Yes, certainly the qx6850 on a top of the ASUS line x48 will be fun. If that is what you are doing (upgrading to?) it should make your computing time much more fun.
  11. I moved from a Q6600/965 to Q6600/X38 MFSE to an E8400/MFSE to Q9450/MFSE. I'm very happy with what I have.
  12. Right currently I have a Q6600 running on a Intel DG33tl and I am upgrading to a QX6850 on a Rampage formula. I am just a little worried I wont see much of an performance increase, But I use my computer more than anything except for work and my girlfriend.
  13. Older article ASUS Rampage Formula.
  14. badge said:
    I moved from a Q6600/965 to Q6600/X38 MFSE to an E8400/MFSE to Q9450/MFSE. I'm very happy with what I have.

    Where did you notice improvements
  15. So you are going to have a 3 GHz. Intel 65nm Quad on the X48. Only thing better would be a cooler running, lower power 45nm 3.0 GHz. quad. Q6600 is a 2.4Ghz at 266 Mhz FSB. Qx6850 is a 333MHz processor. Qx6850 gets the higher BUS with a higher multiplier and saves you all the effort and often frustration of having a hot, overclocked 266 Mhz. processor (system) reaching for 3 GHz. ha, I wish I could make that jump up...LOL. Maybe Nehalem way when the initial prices begin to receed. Your new system should be teriffic all around. My X38 was a big step up from P965 and my Q9450 was a nice upgrade from E8400/Q6600.
  16. I still have all that hardware running. I have around 15 personal computers I run daily at my home and two office locations. The q6600 was a big jump from the E6600. I like my Q9450 on the X38. Vista 64 with all this and 8 gigs of RAM is a kicker. It's great.
  17. I have had the ASUS Rampage Formula X48 on Price Watch notification at Newegg for $199 for months. I'll never get it for that! :)
  18. Well I got the cpu threw a retail purchase program for 239.99 and I picked up the rampage for 269.99 it seems to be a little lower then usual and newegg had the best pricing.
  19. $239! Stick up prices. I paid $80 for a tank of Shell one day a few weeks ago. If that keeps up I expect WW3 sooner than later. You know reatail price is a stiff price to pay for a 3.0GHz. quad, but as many posts as there are on this forum asking for help OCing their Q6600 they paid about the same for including cooling and higher data transfer RAM, etc. to match their proposed OC's, well you did good! Enjoy the new purchases. Sound like a good deal. Should be a fun system to work on.
  20. im going to run a slew of benchmarks pre and post upgrade if anyone cares. Im only doing it because im a nerd and im curious where the improvements are. Ill post my results.
  21. If the benchmarks don't show the improvement to make it worth keeping, you can always pick up chicks if you mention you have a qx6850/X48. I can with a RAM upgrade. :D
  22. It's clear who's the troll. You're the one spamming this thread what the butt ugly avatar of yours (Thank the lord for adblock plus). You should edit your post instead of double and sometimes triple posting like a moron.
    Looks like you're not completely clueless... but real close. :D

    P45 motherboards of current have immature bioses. But basically they offer very little over Intel's previous mainstream chipset (P35). Apart from PCI-E 2.0, a smaller manufacturing process (runs slightly cooler) and holding the world's FSB record (Biostar's P45), there's nothing really going for them.

    With the X48s you'll be running hotter compared to a P45 system but the performance will be much better. Rampage formula handles memory much better too. Having the highest crossfire performance (like that matters) is also another trait.

    A plus with the Maximus II Formula is the included X-FI soundcard which is superior to the Supreme FX II that previous ROG motherboards ship with. But what the heck, any enthusiast would probably want to use their own killer soundcard that none of the bundled solutions can compete with.

    Overall the Rampage Formula will be a smoother experience. Nehalem with it's new core, integrated triple channel DDR3 memory controllers and Quickpath interconnect, new socket design is looming closer and will probably cost a fortune at launch (once you factor in the cost of triple DDR3, new MB, incompatible with current aftermarket heatsinks (some will release Nehalem compatibility kits but don't fall for them, the IHS on nehlalem is much bigger) it all massively adds up. So get the best DDR2 motherboard you can right now and that would happen to be the rampage formula.

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