Sata dvd burner make computer hang

Hi all

My problem is my SONY DVD RW DRU-870S make my computer hangs whenever i use's not the DVD problem since i sent it back to the shop i bought and it run perfectly...i'm not sure what to check... please help. :sweat:

using Pentium 4 (2.4Ghz)
768 Ram
XP Pro with SP3
Asus Motherboard P4P800-X
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  1. Try with a Linux LiveCD.
    If it works fine, then it's a Windows problem.
  2. Hanging should be just momentary.
    If more than that you may have a problem.
    Test the memory with memtest86+.
    Tell us about your power supply.
  3. my power supply is POWER LOGIC ATRIX 500 500watts
  4. i also had this problem..During our burning with SONY DRU-870s (sata) make me frustrated with over 14DVD Blank copy fail to burn..

    If i use max speed writing in 16x make my computer become better hangs and at the last it was failure. I try 8x speed, but my computer also hang and done our burning at 40minute in 4.4GB size onto disk. That is so long time if compare using another drive device.

    I has burn using Nero 8 and also DeepBurner, unfortunately the result also same.

    I`m not sure if my device is weakness using Windows XP 64bit.

    using HardWare:

    AMD Phenom II 945
    Mobo Gigabyte
    1x Sata Hdd
    1x Sata Sony Drive
    1x HIS HD4850
    500W Gigabyte PW
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