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Hello all!

Not getting any love (response) in the Asus MOBO forum section, so I thought to try here.

I just finished my first build and things went well :pt1cable:

Quick question on setting the memory timings in the Bios .

My memory is Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX (2x2GB DDR2 800mHZ)
4-4-4-12-2 2.1V

My understanding is that the above numbers are....
1. CAS Latency (CAS)
2. RAS-CAS Delay (tRCD)
3. RAS-Precharge (tRP)
4. Active-Precharge (tRAS)
5. Command Rate

A couple of the options on the "DRAM TIMING CONTROL" column in the Bios, I am still unclear what they are :o

Screen shots of the area in question....

I can match up #1-3 and I think #5 of the above memory settings on the Bios settings. I am unsure of #4. Does #4 Active-Precharge (tRAS) correspond to "RAS Active Time" on the Bios menu?

Does #5 Command Rate correspond to the "DRAM Command Rate" ?

The screen shots with the columns "2nd Information" and "3rd Information"......I am also unclear what they are for?

THX in advance :hello:
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  1. i hate to post before totally going through the forums but this is so similar to my problem

    my bios ga-ma790fx-ds5

    i think mine has one or more settings then Nytmare so what helps him might not help me

    its 5-5-5-18
    OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory
    newegg sent the wrong ram rawr

    i realize i can change the top 4 settings
    but the 6 settings below those dont have a auto like Nytmare so i cant even do those till i figure out the bottom 6 cause im afraid of damageing the ram

    another thing my mobo is real touchy just changeing the boot priority can make it boot to a known good option in the cmos settings so then i gotta change the boot priority again till it sticks. cause of this i havent been able to do much to the ram timings. but i think if i had some help it would work

    cas 5
    ras to cas r/w delay 5
    row precharge time 5
    min ras active time 18
    comand timing 3
    twtr comand delay 5
    write recovery time 5
    precharge time 5
    row cycle time 18
    ras to ras delay 3

    is that right?:EDIT:NOOOO its not. i couldnt even set the comand timing to three its only got 1t , or 2t ++++ it dint boot and beeped an error
  2. Bump to top :love:
  3. nytmare ill be posting later today the pcis but

    heres some things i noticed about your setup

    1. your row refresh is 56? or close to that if your on ddr2-800 settings that should be like 25 or around there

    2. i got mine to stick useing your method i just put the top 4 values in and went with that( not sure if its stable though )im hunting a ram stability tester now

    i think your fine just try and drop that row cycle time down and get a tester to test the stability if its not stable go with another setting

    bought some 1066 gskill 5-5-5-15 2.0-2.1v tried that ram unstable as heck. Y phenoms suck go intel core 2 quad.
    ill post pics of the settings so you can see what they change to when i put it as (old ram)5-5-5-18 ddr2-800 2.0v
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