Computer Went from freezing/crashing in games to freezing all the time

I have an 8800GTS 320MB about a year old. My computer recently started giving me artifacts and weird colors while playing Age of Conan so I figured my card was getting to hot...turns out it was getting to about 78C, i went into rivatuner and bumped up the fan to 100% while in games and that cooled it to about 70-74c however then it started to freeze in games. I could still see the screens (i have 2 monitors) but they were faded and there were tons of different colored dashed lines all over the screen for 10sec and then it was Blue Screen on me. I found out that it wasn't just AOC it was also in world of warcraft which isn't anything graphically compared to its even worse my computer screen now freezes sometimes even in bios but if it makes it to windows it will freeze within a minute or 2. Basically I am willing to buy a new graphics card (kinda wanted to check out the 4850 anyway...) however the fact that it freezes in the Bios Kind of scares me and im not quite sure if it could be something else. I did a Memtest86 yesterday (before it started to freeze on me) and it did a full pass twice. SO my memory seems to be working fine, its not my monitor cause I have 2 of them and the odds of both of them having the same problem are minimal and unlikely anyway if anyone has any ideas regarding what could have caused this problem or if they agree that it is probably a bad video card, I could definitely use reassurance. Thanks for the help
my system specs-
q6600 @ 3.0ghz
gigabyte p35-S3L
4gig Gskill 800mhz
630W Rosewell PSU (kinda of a bad brand...have always been kinda worried about it)
gigabyte 8800GTS 320mb
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  1. Probably the video card gone bad, sounds like the case.
  2. i think im taking the plunge and grabbing a 4850 from newegg...looks like they got some mail in rebates on them now 169.99...not too shabby for the card considering i paid around 300 for my card only a year ago...
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