Problem with PHOTOWISE software moved from XP to Windows 7

i keep getting the message "Failed to update the system registry. please try using REGEDIT".

i'm nervous about messign in regedit and i can click this notice away and the program seems to work fine. it's just a nuisance. any suggestions?
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  1. If you just moved the program over, do a re-installation of it on the new PC. And make sure it's supported under Windows 7. Can also try running in compatability mode
  2. i tried installation with the disk i have (it's a very old program) and it said it was not windows compatible. i did a bit of an end-run and copied the files from my XP and found that it opens that way, but gives me the annoying regedit alert. i don't really mind clicking that away if it means i can continue to use this program (LOVE the simple no-frills format and the one-click fix for photos). however, if this will in some way compromise my new laptop with windows 7, please let me know and i'll remove it. thanks for all this help!
  3. If it works with the error, use it, should not be an issue. I like Google Picasa for simple photo edits, try that.
  4. thanks. i have picasa installed, but i'm hooked on that one-click fixer in photowise. i appreciate the advice.
  5. Picasa has a one click adjustment also. And has one of the best red eye fixers I have seen.
  6. ok, here's a question for you about picasa (i'm very much a novice) do i find the one-click. i have opened my picasa and then i opened a picture.... i see lots of options but don't (readily) see the one-click???
  7. It's the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button :-)

    "I'm feeling lucky
    This is the one-click fix. Picasa adjusts your photo's color and contrast to produce the ideal photo. You'll see a change only if your photo isn't already color balanced."
  8. thanks for all the help.
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