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7750 and my psu as one?

I have an 5 year old HP a6500f. I was just wondering if my psu can handle my system with an 7750. I know this gpu has awesome power efficiency but my comp is old with a 250w supply and I heard its cutting to it close. so I opened my tower to get the exact specs on my psu and ask the community for help. could it run or do I need a psu and any recommendation?

output +12-/14a. -12v-/0.8@
2502 Max. +5v-/25a, +5vsb-2a peak 2.5
+5v &3.3v 165w Max. +5v & 12v 218w Max.

model: bestec at 250 12z

p.s. is bectec a good psu brand?

thank you.
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    Seasonic or Cosair would be good.You need a little more power to run the card.
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