DVD drive won't recognize copyrighted DVD movies that I own

I've read through so many posts here about CD/DVD drives "disappearing", but, those solutions won't help my problem.

I love my Plextor 716a but recently (I don't know when or why or how this happened) it will not read or recognize paid-for movie DVDs anymore. It will recognize & play commercial music CDs, backed-up music CDs & backed up DVD movies & data CDs & DVDs.

I've exhaustively tried so many, many, many solutions I can't remember everything I've tried, but here's some:

updated the drive's firmware
uninstalled & reinstalled the drive and its IDE
installed new codecs
installed new DVD decoders, including the recommended free VCL one
nothing is helping!!!!

I thought I might have to buy another DVD burner, but, I was assured by Geek Squad (phone call) that it's a software issue - based upon my symptoms. He said something about the upper & lower filters.

Reading about those filters here, I don't have this key: ----HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} ----in my registry.

PLEASE! Can someone help me???
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  1. Check the Region setting on the DVD drive.
    Is is set to North America, if applicable?
  2. You have to go to Device manager and double click on the drive to see this setting.
  3. Yes, it's my region, 1. I also read something about it being set as a DMA, and it is. Also, it's not set as a DVD-RAM, which is correct.
  4. Are you expecting to be able to insert a movie DVD and have it play automatically? If so, there may just be some problems with the file associations and auto-play options and it may not be a disk or drive problem at all. Try inserting the movie DVD into the drive and then manually running Windows Media Player (or whatever player you use) and see if you can get it to play the drive using it's play options.
  5. Tried that, the drive is set to automatically play with Roxio DVD Max2 Player, it always worked before and I just don't know why it's not working now. The drive does not recognize copyrighted DVDs anymore - drive shows to be empty.
  6. I found my diagnostic tools for plextor and ran them. I don't know what I'm doing, but, on one screen there was something about "change book type" or something like that and it was unchecked, so I thought, "what've I got to lose?" and I checked it and then reloaded a movie and it automatically started playing. I dunno if this is a fluke or a fix. ... gonna re-boot & try again with another movie and see if it still works. I'll let you know.
  7. It was a sad day when my Plextor 716A had to be put out to pasture, it seriously lasted a long time but finally developed problems same as yours.

    Try a new burner.
  8. 4ryan6
    unfortunatly (as so many others), Sue did not get back to state if that was infact the FIX.

    And Yes I still have my 716A (in a backup computer) and a 755 in this one.
  9. Yes, well we had services for my Plex about a year ago and laid it to rest.[Wipes a tear from eye]

    It was actually one of the best burners I've owned yet, wouldn't hesitate to get a newer one, but at the time it had to be replaced the Plextor DVDRWs were the most expensive on the market and none were available locally.

    So it was replaced by a HP DVD1270, which by the way has also turned out to be a great burner, and that I really did not expect, because it flew under the review radar.

    The HP was chosen because of all that was available on the shelves at the time, it was the only brand I previously had no bad experiences with.
  10. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. The drive still 'works' occasionally, but I decided I'd better go ahead and get another drive.

    I bought a Samsun external. I don't have the model number right now, but so far, I'm happy with it. Mostly I use the writer for backing up data files and very rarely, backing up a DVD movie.

    Thanks again for all of your help!
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