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Hello all

I am looking to build a i7 920 based desktop.
What is the performance boost that i get if i overclock from 2.66 to say 3.5 ? Is there a chart somewhere? Is it worth it?

Since its the first build with the new socket, I cannot find any charts/comparison of the cpu cooling gear(airbased) currently in the market. Do you have any suggestions? a list of some sort?

Thanks guys
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  1. Look at the core freqs. 3.5 is about 30% more than 2.66. Knock off a little because performance does not quite linearly scale wirth core clock. So you can figure about a 25% increase in CPU performance.

    Coolers - can't help. I'm making do :) with C2D's.
  2. Thanks for the input... I am looking for reviews in the aircooling side but i came up only with around 4 different setups. I don't want to go for a 50+ heatsink, since I'm planning on switching to 965+water in a couple of years.

    Any suggestions? The akasa nero seems cheap and reliable enough...
  3. has cooler reviews, and some "top-10" lists.
  4. Tom's had an article a while back about the performance on an OCed 920 at different speeds.,2268.html

    There are alot of coolers out there, just look around. I have a Thermalright U-120 eXtreme which I like. The coolermaster V8 is also Very nice. But they will run you more than $50.

    So if you have a 920 why would you get a 965 with water? Why not a 920 with water?
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