New PSU a step backwards?

I currently have the Cooler Master Real Power 1kw that came with my CM Stacker 830

here's the link:

would buying a Pc P&C 860watt be a move forward or backwards, overall?

currently, i have 2x2900xt's, e4500, 2x1 dominator pc2-8500, maximus formula x38, 150gb raptor, and 7 120mm fans

if it is a step backwards, would there be any other PSU worth upgrading? or should i just stick with this?
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  1. Probably a slight step down, but not too much. Why do you need a new PSU?
  2. The coolermaster, if the specs are correct on the sticker can channel 960(vs 840 from the PC Power and cooling) watts of its total power to its 12 volt rails. This assumes that the 5 and 3.3 are not loaded too much. Either way, you have more then enough power for anything on the market. PC Power and Cooling are known for quality. Both are overkill so unless you have problems, i would not worry.
  3. why do i want to switch..well..umm

    i had a legitimate reason about 20 mins ago... O_O
  4. What did it do?
  5. nothing it works fine, i just wanted something less messy and more effecient
  6. The efficiency specs that psu at up to 85%(as with all this is only at 240 volts. so with 110/120 it will be a bit lower) at half load. thats quite respectable.

    This should put you near the sweet spot your system is fully loaded.
  7. I like to go with PCPower and their better warranty.
  8. The PC Power and Cooling is better than the CM 1KW PSU, but not worth the the upgrade.
  9. thanks for the advice =], not planning on switching anymore, thanks!
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