E8400 temps , too high ?

hi , I just assembled my new rig and now I am some test with it . So here is my temps after running prime95 for 1 hour


I decided to do some tests because I tried to play a game and after 15 mins everything stopped and the screen went black...the fans kept spinning but nothing appeared on the screen

and from time to time i receive weird errors like : your program must close ....blablabla send report or not ? ...you know...these kind of errors

just to add here are my specs :

intel E8400

heatsink : ocz vendetta ( maybe i misplaced my heatsink, this may cause the high temps ?)

memory : xms2 ddr2-800 4gb ( 2x 2gb)

gfx card : hd 4850

mobo : asus p5q-pro ( p45)

thanks for your time :D
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  1. Hey mate, they seem pretty hot..................... i have my e8400 running at 4.0Ghz on air, and it barely hits 62.......

    Maybe resit your HSF..... that always helps, and wait for the compound to break in.

  2. yeah, reseat and check that the fan is running the correct speed.
  3. Idle that is way to high, load it seems about right. My E8300 is at 3.3 and runs 42 idle, 62 load.
  4. lol guest what i opened my case and there was a cable right into the fan so it could not turn T-T. now it is solved...my temps are at idle 35c and load 55c

    thanks for your answer anyway :D
  5. Well i guess i was right eh?
  6. That's why I always use fans with LEDs and cases with side panels. You can immediately notice if something goes wrong.
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