Remote Desktop - About to give up!

Hi. :)

I've been having some incredibly annoying problems with using my PC as a server/host for remote desktop. It simply wont connect.

This is my system/hardware...
- Netgear DG834GT Super ADSL Wireless Router
- Windows Vista Business 32bit
- Standard Windows Firewall
- AVG Anti-Virus 2008

Network Map

What I have tried already....
- I have enabled the ability to use remote desktop on my machine.
- Port forwarded 3389 to my internal ip.
- Set up a DMZ on my internal ip.
- Disabled all software firewalls (only had Windows Default).
- Created a account and installed the updater.
- Tried disabling NAT (lost me all connection to internet).
- Changed the listening port of Remote Desktop in the registry.
- Tried connecting with multiple computers from different networks.

I did manage to connect and control someone else's PC from MY PC (they were using a SKY Router), tried someone else's and it didn't work (they were using a Netgear router like mine).

ANY help on this would be greatly appreciated! I do not have much hope at the moment for it. :(
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  1. try using tightvnc instead.
  2. montyuk said:
    try using tightvnc instead.

    I had thought of that but I'd rather get RD working really. Mainly because the pc that I would eventually use it on will be at my University and I'm not sure if they allow other clients to run. Also I'm not sure if the VNC server would be able to be accessed through my router. :-/

    Il give it a try though. :)
  3. Try There's a free version. It doesn't require port forwarding or DynDNS just an Internet connection.

  4. Right, I've now tried VNC and it worked fine internally but not when using an external ip to connect to it. was too slow for what I need. It did work nicely but im going to be needing a bit more functionality and speed.

    No one has any ideas on the Remote Desktop issue then? Like VNC, the remote desktop works fine within the network but not from outside it.
  5. dude just go to remote desktop in windows and send that little exe file to someones email and let them open it. or you could just, get the free trial of gotomeeting and enter the code dishnetwork
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