Help?? i7 2.66 - idle @ 36c with Noctua NH-U12P SE1366

right guys im planning on overclcoking my i7, however ive noticed that im running at 36c idle and goes up to 63 after running prime95 even for just 10 mins.

ive tried doing my own research and believe this appears to be a lil on the high side considering ive got a Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 as a cpu cooler.

so whats yuor opinions is this standard temps?

could the fact that my dad applied a lil too much of arctic compound on the cpu be the cause of this? i really wnaa get this issue settled before i decide to go for the overclock. cheers!
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  1. Need to know a bit more about your setup: Case, Ambient temps, Temp software used.

    My i7 920(191x21) 4ghz, idles at 40C-45C, on load it gets up to 68C -70C. Using a T.R.U.E. with Yate Loon 2k fan. I really don't think you should worry too much.

    Start overclocking and see if temps are rising dramatically past the mid 60C mark.
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