Yes... I am a noob

So i got my Q6600 to 3.0Ghz and im still trying to fine tune it. It is kind of difficult because my bios way different than to stickied guide. Anyways... i have 2 questions

1.When i bring my vcore under 3.0625 i crash in a few seconds but when i raise my fsb and north bridge voltage to +.1 it seems to make it more stable any tips on fine tuning that? i want to get my vcore down because when im doing my load test my temps are getting to the mid 60's

2. I have read a few things about the Ram divder... still dont get it. is it a setting? i have no idea, can someone point me in the right direction there

is this right?
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  1. I have a Ep35C-Ds3R and an Zalman Cnps8700
  2. THats what i thought! i have COOLER MASTER COSMOS
  3. i think... i can put some more and see. and i have Geforce 9800 Gtx
  4. ill try it
    Well is the ram thing right atleast?
  5. OS he has a Quad. Quads runs hotter than duals. Set your Ram 800MHz and see if that helps. Most of the time it is the ram that makes the system unstable.
  6. Quote:
    thats pretty strange that you are getting those temps...
    how about your video card(s) what kind do you have?
    have you measured the temps inside the case?
    and when you say your vcore is at 3.0625 you mean 1.30625 right?(just making sure)

    mid 60's isnt bad but it is extrodinarly high for the cooling you have. i never got above 40 when i was overclocking to 4.00 and when i go from 3.16- 4.9 i start to get up into the 70's

    yes 1.30625
  7. how would one go about setting there ram at 800? ha
  8. you would go into your BIOS and change your ram timing under memory. Just try to lower it one step. Also OverShocked if you use half of a thing of the Thermal paste it can be just as bad as not putting any on. All you need is a dot of thermal paste.

  9. Better?
  10. set it to 1:1 ratio.
  11. no idea how to do that.. to be honest
  12. im looking.... im waiting for more thermal paste in the mail
  13. as for the ram issue... my bios looks nothing like that so.. im still working on that ha
  14. Quote:
    yes he does have a quad but those temps are higher than the stock!!! that completely wierd ;)

    He also have the 65nm C2Q and we have 45nm.
  15. New paste did take the temp done alot
  16. indeed... Thank you!!
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