nvidia boot agent troubles

now i think this is the motherboard where if i try and boot from any cd other than the OS setup for XP
im trying to boot from a CD with memtest86 on it because i'm having trouble installing the OS and i think its cus of the memory so i try to boot from the CD and i get the message

NVidia Boot Agent 201.0462
CopyRight NVidia Corp 1998-2004 etc.
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting NVidia Boot Agent.

it reapeats multiple times until the last line comes on
if someone could help me so i can boot from the cd id be greatfulthanks
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  1. Will give it a shot to help you with your problem. Would of been a bit easier if we knew what Brand of motherboard and the cpu type.

    First off you will need to get into your Motherboard Bios'. This is done by pressing either the "Del key or F2", depending on motherboard type. Once you are in the Bios' section you will need to find Boot Start-up order. You will need to have "CD drive" set as first boot-up option then followed by HDD and finally Floppy drive. Once that is done you will want to save what you have just changed when exiting the bios'.

    Also before you leave the bios', put in the XP operating sysem cd into the drive, then leave the bios and restart computer. This should help you Install the OS.

    Please let us know if you need more help and that you got it working.
  2. i will try that thanks and as an answer to the ypes my motherboard is an nforce 790i ultra sli nvidia by evga and cpu is an intel dual core if that helps with any solutions
  3. The reason we needed to know is the motherboard brand and type was how/what "key" you clicked on to get into the Bios'. Any motherboard older then 2 to 3 yrs old and you needed to click on the F2 Key. Most newer motherboards use the "Del" or Delete key.

    Also you can refer to your Motherboard Manual to find out which Key to select and where to change the Start-up order, if you misplace or lost the Manual you can always download a PDF copy of one from EVGA site. Plus it would be a good idea to check out EVGA Forum board, in case I missed anything.

    Hope this help you out some more.
  4. wouldn't break a finger to check and make sure that your cables are well attached ;)
  5. i could do that too but my mother board came with sata cables with locks so i assume that wouldnt be much of a problem
  6. thanks everyone i got it working i think it truely was the cable that was the problem
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