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Today my 5 year old laptop's hdd died. Compaq m2105us stock with a 40gb pata and xp. I went to best buy and bought the cheapest possible replacement as that laptop is used only for web. The new hdd is WD Scorpio Blue 320 pata. Long story short, installed hdd, instaled xp pro without sps stock, updated it, installed latest drivers (latest bios was already installed prior to hdd crash, loaded bios defaults when installing new one) and windows reports drive size of 127 gb. What gives? Did a little google search and found one old thread where it was mentioned that there is (was) a limit xp can recognize and that user should install sp1 (or sp2 can't remember) but my laptop is up-to-date?!

EDIT: Opened computer management and discovered that drive c is 127.99 gb and 170.10 gb unallocated. What should I do?

Any help appreciated.

PS.: epic comeback to the forums, haven't posted since 'the other' died...
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  1. two options

    1) create a second partition and format it. this way you will have an additional drive showing My Computer.

    2) you could use a partitioning software and add the additional space to the c: drive. WD has a great free software you can download from their website.
  2. Thank you, I figured out the problem and fixed everything with disk director 11 iso I found online.
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