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Hoping someone might have a possible solution, Everytime i power up the desktop it boots to the f8 screen says inproper shut down. doesnt matter which one i click safe mode last good configuration automatically reboots and repeats the process over and over. I changed the power supply, used the onboard video and took out the pci video card, swapped the hardrive boots up like a champ in any other pc, took out the bios battery flushed the setting, When i put the xp disk in it boots to the disk and will start going through the precedures then freeze and or sometimes blue screen i feel im pretty experienced i feel its the ram so i have a stick on the way its pc4200 dimm (hoping boths sticks arent bad :) ) If anyone has any idea what it could possibly be i would love your opinons....thanks!!
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  1. Have you tried to update your BIOs to the latest version? I had this problem before because I had some old parts and some new parts mixed up together and all I had to do was update the BIOs and problem was solved. If that doesn't fix it then I would guess it could possibly be your ram. Not sure what else it could be if your hard drive would work in another system. Good luck and let me know what you find out. Sorry I could't have been more help.
  2. No i havent tryed updating the BIOS. I can only run cds for like a min or 2 then it freeses or blue screens is there a diff way you can recommend maybe updating the BIOS i will give it a shot if ya know...:)
  3. Can you run memtest to test the memory? Try only a single stick, and try it in different slots .
  4. I will try to run Memtest. I tried a few others couldnt do it. But the thing is i gotta have both sticks in because its DIMM memory :( I will give it a shot let ya know :)
  5. remove one stick and try again if the problem persists try the other stick and see if it boots, try it with both sets of memory slots that will tell you if it's bad RAM or slots on the MB. you only need both sticks in to run in dual channel mode not to boot the machine unless this is RDRAM, in which case take the whole machine into a nearby field and shoot it.
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