Windows Repair - do I need to reinstall Office?

A friend got a virus so he wants to do Windows repair.

Sorry I haven't done too much Windows repair so I am not sure...was thinking Office and otehr programs should stay but I'd like to make sure.

So I do this on boot up and choose repair instead of fresh install right? And all programs and applications stays?

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  1. I've never lost any Msft Office files or any other files outside the Operating system files in any repairs I've done, there's always the chance for a bad HDD to rear its ugly head so back up your important files first if you can
  2. Simply doing a windows repair doesn't mean it'll remove any infections.

    For that, you may want to check out the guide in my signature.
  3. Yeah I know, if its my PC then I do a complete reinstall of everything...because I will only spend about 2 hours or maximum of 3. But its my friends PC and he doesn't want to do all of that.

    Thanks for the links guys.
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