How to play .264 files from cctv DVR

Hello, im repeating a previous post but iut really is a problem thats unsolved. Im recording cctv cameras on a linus based dvr, works excellent produces excellent quality images, 25 frames per second pal (im english) and they play back no problem at all.
However... the file names are a fiddle.... with american date settings which is fiddly and the 'player' you get for use with a pc is not the best... in a nutshell i want to play the files in windows media player. When you use the DVR software to convert the .264 files into avi files, it not only takes ages.. but gives a poor 15 frames a minute. There are various codecs that claim to work and various different media players, but all they do is cause me computer problems, and do stuff like shrink the windows media player picture size of the video.
Is there anyone out there in the industry who has any advice!
The file names are like...00000001-120206-225355-230937-00p001000000 which means camera 1 on the 6th feb 2012 from 22.53 to 23.09 ... but i cannot scan through a whole folder of loads of long file names like that, identify the ones i may need to review, convert each one individually then faf on reviewing them...your talking hours rather than minutes.. it would be far easier if each file simply played in windows media player.
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  1. Get VLC . Search it on Google
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