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i reformat my netbook then install a windows xp os,, after installing i have noticed that the LAN icon on the bottom right is gone, i serch it on control panel,nothing,, i attched the modem but it seems that nothing happens,i cant connect to internet.. what should i do? how should i recover the LAN?
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  1. Did you install the drivers for your NIC card after reinstalling? The icon in the system tray can be turned on by: Start, Control Panel, Network Connections, then right-click "Local Area Connection" icon, select "Properties", then place a check mark in both radio buttons "Show Icon..." and "Notify me..." then click "OK" button.
  2. Most probably after the reformat, the required drivers weren't installed.
    Here's the link to Acer Support
    Select your netbook model and you should be able to find the right drivers for LAN.

    Hope this helps

  3. sometimes it’s easier to use the Acer driver installation disc that came with your computer rather than trying to hunt down each driver individually. However, if you don't have your Acer driver disc, your second option is to look for it from the Acer website.

    For further help regarding acer device drivers updates, just follow the link and you can find more detailed instructions and tips on how to deal with acer's driver issues.
  4. thank you for your replies.. it help me a lot i downloaded already the drivers needed for my netbook.. thank you so much.. :bounce: :hello:
    all xp drivers :pt1cable:
    yo r welcome :sol:
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