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For the last week I have been trying to figure out why a single website of mine (affiliated) can NOT be accessed from my computer. Prior I have had successful access for a couple of months until about October 8th. Visited site 100's of times!

My site/link are accessible from numerous others from around the world. My system appears to be working fine with access to everything accept that site. Only from my computer!

I have done all the things required from ISP (Comcast), system re-store, re-booted (un-plugged) numerous times, removed cookies, three different Browsers, complete scans etc.

I have Symantec End Point Protection as my security suite. System is privately built running XP Pro 2002 SP3.

I'm not a tech but not a guy in a diner either-details on step to step how to resolve would be a wonderful thing!

Sorry if this is posted somewhere-could not seem to fine in multiple searches.

Thank You in Advance,
Michael G.
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    "a single website of mine (affiliated) can NOT be accessed from my computer."

    Not sure if i understand what you mean by the above quote which might help resolve your issue (ambiguity is never a helping factor). 1.What browser are you using? 2.Have you tried different browsers to access said website. 3. If it's a questionable website(like possibly blacklisted for malware) it could get blocked by anti-malware software on your computer(such as any hosts file modifications). 4. If using Internet Explorer make sure it did not get added to your "Restricted Sites"(start-control panel-internet options-security(tab)-Resticted Sites then "Sites" button then remove site if listed there). 5. If it's only been a few days since this has occurred you can try flushing your DNS Resolver Cache
    Start-Run-then type "cmd" then in cmd prompt type "ipconfig /flushdns"
    *do not type quotation marks*
    Should then read:

    Windows IP Configuration
    Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.
  2. Thank you matriculated. All the steps listed above were tried. A tech and friend did a remote access and ran a "Trace Route" from my computer and his on the site in question.

    My ISP is being blocked by AT&T at a "Gateway" which he believes is a routing problem at the host level. Should get cleared up today! Thank You
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