CPU and HDD temperature question

I've recently noticed my Dell Inspiron 1100 getting very hot.

My HDD is 54 right how, usually around 50-58 depending on activity

CPU is 75 right now... around 65-76 depeding on activity

What do you guys think of these temperatures...? This is a laptop by the way :)

Thx in advance!
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  1. i might add that these temps are sometimes causing slugishness and freezing...
  2. Is it the 2Hz unit? Here's a thermal guide from Intel:

  3. Take a can of compressed air (moisture and oil free) and blast out your air intake and outlet for the CPU fan. Probably just dust buildup.
  4. it's actually a p4
  5. Well your going to have to look around the intel site and find the thermal spec for it.
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