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So i'm running raid mirror with two Samsung HD321KJ (320GB Each) SATA configuration. I need SCSI/SATA drivers for these hard drives. Dell says cannot install Windows XP on this system. I'm hating vista, and I wana use XP. I've tried installing XP without the drivers with raid active, and it always blue screened. I want to keep my mirror for the data protection. I'm trying to create a slipstream disc that includes the SATA drivers so it doesn't blue screen. Appreciate any help on finding the necessary drivers cos i have no idea where to look and how to go about acquiring these drivers.
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  1. Branded computers and laptops usually don't accept "generic" drivers, for whatever reason. In any case, these brands should have the drivers you're looking for on their respective sites, drivers that will properly install on your computer. If you have a hard time finding it, I'm really sorry, but your only hope to find the right drivers is to contact customer service.
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