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I can't seem to find a topic that exactly matches my problem, so here goes. I just built a new computer, with a E8400, and a DFI lanparty X48 mobo. I am using a stock cooler, and am getting idle temps of about 35 degrees, which I find very acceptable. However, after just a minute of orthos, or prime95, these temps skyrocket to upwards of 75 degrees!!!. Is this normal for a stock cooler, using Arctic Silver 5??? Also, I am using speedfan to measure temps, and this processor is at factory clock speeds - 3.0 Ghz.
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  1. You need to make sure the cooler is on right, and make sure you have the amount of thermal paste you need, you don't need much, even a pea sized amount is overdoing it. Make sure your cooler is on correctly, nothing is in there but the cooler, and check if the temps are correct by checking your BIOS.
  2. You also should state what temp reading it is (which sensor).

    Is that the Tcase (IHS single reading that the bios would show) reading, or Tjuction (core readings from the DTS) reading on one of the cores?

    What app are you using for the temps?

    Do you have adequate airflow?
  3. I am using an Antec 300 Case, so I get great airflow, that is not a problem. As stated, I am using Speedfan, and the temps are coming from the temp 1 reading, however, both cores are reading with 5 degrees of temp one, so both core 1 and core 2 are showing upwards of 70 degrees as well.
  4. As for TIM applications, I used the method perscribed by Arctic Silver, a razor thin line down the center of the CPU.
  5. Alright, I pressed a bit harder on the clips, and am now getting a steady 60 degrees under full load, across all readings that I mentioned earlier. Is this within safety limits?
  6. Sounds alright for stock HS.

    If we are talking Tcase, yes. The thermal spec is 72.4C max that you shouldn't exceed.
  7. Five minutes with orthos, 58 degrees from speedfan. This is obviously much better than before, but not ideal. Is there any other way to get better temps from the stock unit? I havent reapplied TIM, should i do that? And if yes, is there a better way than what Arctic Silver prescribed?
  8. I had a Xigmatek S1283, but traded it in for a better PSU, as I was only getting minor improvements over stock. For some reason, once I put the stock back on, (yes, I cleaned it thoroughly) It got about 15 degrees hotter under load.
  9. My e8400 melted. Hope the warranty covers it! :(
  10. ^ Doh.. wat will the polar bears chew on then?? :oops:
  11. Dunno!

    The first time I tried to put the heatsink on, all but 1 of the prongs snapped into place like they should have, so I took it off and put it on again and all the prongs snapped into place and it seemed securely on there. Nothing looked wrong and the instructions from the manual were followed. Turned on the computer, a minute or two later it turns off and it turns out the pins are melted.

    So hopefully Intel will cover the CPU (I only used cooling parts from them after all). Dunno what I'm gonna do with the motherboard.
  12. :pt1cable:

    Well... at least you still have a HS for the bears to stay... cool with. :sweat:
  13. Nonono, I bought the extra backplate with bolts. Still did not work.
  14. OP. I would try redoing your TIM, their idea of thin and yours might be different, try putting on a lil more goop.

    I like this HS guys (but I kinda like the design of the stock cooler)

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