CPU Temperatures with my new PC Build (my first)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I finally got my new machine built. It has an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700. I went all out and bought a pricey CPU Cooler, the ZALMAN CNPS9700. This cooler is HUGE. When running a torture test in Prime95 with the fan on full blast, the temps on core 0 run up to 65, core 1-63, core 2-57, core 3-58. I did not expect it to be this hot with this expensive cooler. I haven't overclocked anything yet, but I was planning on it.

Do I have anything to be concerned about?

Thanks in advance for your insight.
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  1. I guess it's worth noting that at the same time I am running a Prime95 torture test on each core, I have Real-time HDR IBL running to stress the GPU.

  2. What sort of airflow does your case have?
  3. It should be really good airflow, considering I paid $130 for the case. It is a Antec Sonata III 500.

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. what are you using to monitor temps?

    What stepping is the processor? Should be b3 but not sure if any other revisions were made for that chip.

    What are the ambient temperatures in the room the computer is in.

    Did you install the heatsink fan properly with even pressure on all sides? The pressure is most likely favoring half the chip, going by what temperatures you have there.

    Did you apply the correct amount of thermal paste? Too much can actually heat up your chip.

    Can you give a full list of your parts so we can have a better idea of what we are dealing with?

    Also prime95 really should be run by itself with nothing running in the backround for the best results.
  5. Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q6700

    It should be a G0 stepping.

    Good airflow doesn't exactly mean to purchase an expensive case.

    I paid 90 bucks for my AeroCool Engine PC case, and have excellent airflow, although I cut the fan grills out. I use a fan controller, but the fans are not on full. My Q6600 is OC @ 3.2ghz atm, doing testing. Its been on prime95 for about 6 hours:

    Tcase - 46C (max temp 56C)
    C0 - 53C - 60C max
    C1 - 54C - 60C max
    C2 - 49C - 56C max
    C3 - 49C - 56C max
    System - 44C - 47C max
    Ambient room temp 82-83F
    PC case Ambient 85-87F

    So you might not have enough airflow. I only say that because that is a good cooler, I don't think you can install it wrong, and if you don't feed your cooler, cool air, then what ya expect. :lol:. o O (I'd have extraordinary temps if my room temp was 70F)
  6. I am using CoreTemp 0.99.1 to monitore the temperatures
    Stepping is G0
    Temperature in this room is 72.6 degrees F
    When installing the heatsink, the pressure was not even. I was able to move it slightly. I figured this was by design, based on the design of the clip device used to fasten it to the MOBO.
    It is possible I used too much thermal paste, but I doubt it.

    CPU and cooler have already been listed, but heres the rest:
    GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX Intel Motherboard
    MSI NX8800GT 512M OC GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3
    mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (2)
    WD VelociRaptor WD3000GLFS 300GB 10000 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s

  7. CoreTemp would consider your Tjmax 100C, if I remember correctly... well it does for my Q6600.

    Since most people would recommend real temp, it uses 95C as a tjmax. So you can adjust CoreTemp to read the same.

    Open the .ini file and change the tjmax offset to -5, it should then go by a tjmax of 95C.
  8. Ya I went to computronix sticky for the stepping, maybe he's wrong.

    Just courious, are those temps with an ambient temperature of 72.6 and speed step enabled?

    Have you tried opening the side of the case to see if that lowers the temperatures?

    Edit: The stepping I miss read was for the QX6700
  9. Grimmy, please explain how TJmax affects my temps.

    Sportsfanboy, I do not know if speed step is enabled. I've never heard of it. Whatever the default is...

    I have not tried opening the side of the case, but I will try that now.

    Thank you both!
  10. Your welcome... Don't thank us yet!! haha just kiddin.

    If speedstep is enabled core temp will report your processor speed as much lower than 2.66 when at idle. It will most likely report your chip as 1.6ghz.

    Intel does this to conserve power by lowering the voltage and multiplyer of your processor when at idle or very low load, there by also reducing heat output.
  11. Ten minutes after opening the side of the case, the temperatures are as follows....

    Core 0 - 58
    Core 1 - 57
    Core 2 - 51
    Core 3 - 52

    Is speed step enabled by default?
  12. Josh42O said:
    Is speed step enabled by default?

    Speedstep should be enabled by default I was just curious (my bad), I should have said that It wont affect your load temperatures.

    You lowered your temperatures around 7c just by opening the side of the case, thats alot.

    So like Grimmy said, airflow is deff. a problem.
  13. Josh42O said:
    Grimmy, please explain how TJmax affects my temps.

    Well, when you use Temp programs, such as SpeedFan, CoreTemp, RealTemp, HDMonitor, and others that try to read your Core Temps, it goes by whats called a Tjunction Max. Those programs depend on what the Max is to determine its temp.

    Problem is, Intel does not publish or specify what the Tjmax temp is. So software programmers have to guess/assume what it is. So if you use other programs, you will notice they do not read the same temp, hence the different tjmax.

    The reason why I said to set it at 95C, is based upon the programmer that made real temp. He took the time to explain why he uses 95C, since the progam relates to about the same temp 2+/- degrees in using external measuring, an IR Thermometer, for example.

    The most important thing to consider, is what Intel does publish, which is the thermal spec. That would be the Tcase temp, in which your MB utility app, SpeedFan would indicate the CPU temp, and if you go in the Bios, the health monitor goes by that sensor. Its perhaps best to go by that temp, if the core temps look off, stick, or just plain don't look right.

    Hope that helps some.
  14. sportsfanboy - What can I do to help with the airflow problem?

    Grimmy - thanks for the explanation, it helps.

    In both of your opinions, is 65C too much?
  15. Grimmy, good explanation, I still go by Real Temp or subract 5C from Core Temp, depending on which one I click on.

    Josh42O, that case isn't considered a super cooling case. It is a good case and a good deal with the included PSU.

    Try disabling the fan control in the BIOS to increase the CPU fan speed and turning up the Antec TriCool fan you have in the back of the case. Also you can install an additional fan in the front.

    It will be load but it will be cooler, then you can set a balance between noise and cooling for the task at hand. Turn up the fans for more demanding tasks and down the rest of the time.

    A lot of people complain about fan noise but it's a lot like living near the train tracks, after a while you don't hear them anymore.
  16. Josh42O said:
    ... is 65C too much?
    No 65C isn't too hot under Prime95 but it is warm. You are using Core Temp, so I believe your temps are closer to 60C which is OK. Get more cooling for your case.
  17. Josh42O said:
    In both of your opinions, is 65C too much?

    It's not too high for a go stepping core2, however it doesn't leave you alot of head room for overclocking.

    I would say at least equal if not more exhaust is needed. Equal or perferably more than your intake fan.

    I'm not an airflow expert so maybe someone else can take the reins on this one.

    Another thing to keep in mind is, most core 2's run stable when a voltage value is lower than the factory VID. (provided your running it at 2.66ghz)
    Or you can try setting your voltage to what core temp shows your VID as. Just to see if your mobo is throwing too much voltage at your chip. My b3 q6600 runs prime stable at 2750ghz when set to 1.275 in bios and something like 1.220 actual (cpuz).

    So You should be able to get a halfway decent overclock with some patience and some tweaking.
  18. I was expecting to be able to overclock this thing to 3.2 at least. Looks like that will require more work than anticipated, and a prayer.

    I just don't understand why it's running so hot, given that I tried to pick the top of the line parts that were rather costly and made to run cool. I read lots of reviews on the Zalman and some people are never going over 40C, even when overclocked. Maybe after the thermal grease is set it will start to perform better. Thus far, I have to say I am disappointed with this cooler.

    Thank you all for sharing your knowledge; I'm a newbie!
  19. Your temperatures seem a bit high, but as others have said, they may not be exact.
    Don't worry too much, though, the CPU is designed to slow down , perhaps even shut down to protect itself if it gets too hot.

    That said, cooler is better, so what can you do?

    First, is the cooler properly seated on the cpu? Does it wiggle at all if you jiggle it?(test this with the power off)
    Did you use a good thermal paste? AS5, MX2,X-23? Most are ok, though.
    Did you put on too much paste? Or,(rarely) too little.
    If in doubt, try reseating the cooler.

    The vga card is probably the biggest heat generator in your system. The MSI cooler design does a good job of getting heat off the vga card, but some of it gets recirculated back into the system. Perhaps a cheap slot fan might help.

    Faster turning case fans will give you more flow, but at the expense of more noise.

    Is your wiring neat? Keep the wires out of the airflow as much as possible.

    Are the intake filters clean? Try taking them off.

    ---good luck---
  20. I believe the cooler is properly seated on the cPU, although it does wiggle a little bit. By looking at the clip, it looks as if it is designed to do this.

    I used the thermal paste that came with the cooler.

    I do not think I put on too much paste, but I could be wrong.

    I will consider getting a slot fan, but I am kind of a noise freak.

    My wiring is need, and the intake filters are clean (this PC is one day old)

    My current temperatures at idle are this:

    Core 0 - 45
    Core 1 - 43
    Core 2 - 36
    Core 3 - 37

    The difference between 0 and 2 is ridiculous! Any ideas why it is this way? Should I try another temp program?
  21. Are those Core Temp or Real Temp numbers? You may have a sticking DTS, Real Temp has a sensor tester. For reference these are screen shots for my Q6600 @ 3.2 idle and load with Real Temp. Add 5C for Core Temp numbers. I'm using a Thermalright Ultra120EX with an ambient of 74F (23.33C). All voltages on auto, C1E enabled.

  22. ok... Reading and posting on other threds has helped me clarify the temperature thingy.

    *Note* Even if this doesn't completly solve your temperature issue, it should be done anyway.

    I would download Realtemp and go through the process of calibrating it. (the link below) I just finish doing it myself and I must say I'm impressed with the program. Seems to be very acurate, and might help you out in the temp department. Give it a shot.

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