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I recently bought a 9600 GT and installed it to a TX650W Corsair. Its -650- watt psu and i wonder why it is crashing on me, it only crashes when i open what i think is a highly demanding graphics card game (Team Fortress 2) . I haven't found the source of my problem and I can provide any more information needed.
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  1. http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh104/caution_sign/a.jpg

    thats a pic of my stuffs.... anyway please tell me if there is anything wrong with it
  2. Please any help before i crash again?....
  3. The first and easiest thing I would do is make sure your hardware is all intact and connected properly. I'm assuming it is, however sometimes it helps...IDK why.

    Second: what is your rig? I doubt that you are overloading your new psu, but too many hd's and LOTS of hardware does eat up power. It would help to know what you had before the new installation of the gpu and powersupply (for comparison)

    Third: open the nvidia control panel and check the gpu temps before running the game and (if at all possible) during ANOTHER game that won't crash your system.

    Fourth: You might want to install a gpu tuner such as Atitool (that works with nvidia, so no probs there) since it has the capability to scan for artifacts.

    Fifth: did you install the drivers from the cd? or the updated ones off of Nvidia? I never use the drivers on teh cd because usually they are dated and I can get the latest even though i'm running basic xp drivers.

    Fifth and 1/2: try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the latest ones.

    My gut feeling is that none of these things will help :(
    I hate to say this, but there might be something physically wrong with either the psu or gpu. I highly doubt it.
    If the hardware is the case, try borrowing a friends pc and run your 9600gt in it, try your old card in your rig with and without the new psu, and try the psu in the friends pc if possible. That can help diagnose the problem.

    I hope I was of some help...
  4. download the latest official dirver(whql version mailny) from nvivia site itslf or simply make it to detect driver. and if u've overclocked make sure get all bak to default clock rate. and also as rapidbunny told. uninstall and reinstall the drivers in safe mode.ummmmmmmm. UR PSU IS GR8. i run 8800gt and q6600 on a extreme powerplus 460w. still have plenty of power left. so ur psu is fine.
  5. also trying to removing ur gfx card and installing it again in ur mobo and replugging the 6 pin pcie.
  6. k man i found thje problem, i connected it correctly and everything and it worked fine....... UNTILL i started expirienceing some shutdowns. the screen just went black and it was my gfx card that was being overheated, can i get any help on this? thnx in advanced. the threshold state started at 113 Farenheit and is currently going up, so i desperatlely need help......... andthing i can do? make fans go faster ont he 9600 and how?
  7. holy crap, what is aux2? it shows 18rpm!!! i looked at it with ntune
  8. try to download riva tuner, and set the fan RPM at 80%. guess ur gfx card's fan isnt getting enough juice., wait i'll give u the link for riva tuner.
    alos keep ur chassis open for easy adjustments. and EASY TUNE or NTUNE IS SHYT.
    add me in hotmail, its bhuvan123@hotmail.com, if u still have doubts, come online.
  9. every game of mine crashes with xfx 9600 gt,i have cooler master 600wt smps and q9550 processor and intel extreme dp45sg board.new drivers installed and cables checked but cant find what problem it is

    please help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    my system running xp sp2
  10. I've the same problem. MB Intel DP45SG, OS: XP Pro SP3, VGA card: XFX Geforce 9500GT.
    When I try to install the VGA driver from a CD or from a downloaded Nvidia driver, the PC crash (monitor black with blinking cursor).
    What can I do ?

    Thank's a lot
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