CM Stacker 830 Fan Arrangement

I doubt anyone will have a real answer for me, but is there a fan configuration for this case that might maximize airflow? Currently, I have 7 120mm fans inside, 5 blowing in, 2 blowing out, and 2x gpu's, and psu that's also blowing out...

And are there any high CFM fans, that are very quiet that someone might want to recommend?

One last question, do led fans require additional power?

Any response is much appreciated =]
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  1. Problem with having too many fans, you end up having a less efficient airflow.

    You'd prolly have to mess around with it to figure out what would be best, especially for the CPU HS design. Tower HS usually would want front to rear.

    Basically you want more negative pressure then positive, thus trying to pull out heat rather push it out. That would be more of a traditional setup. I do have a CM 590 case to where I use the top exaust as an intake, since I use a Tuniq Tower HS. I have it setup to a Fan Controller (5v/12v switch) to where I will turn it on when it does get hot from the cores being under load, to push cool air infront of the HS. So that would be an example that would depend on the HS.

    Yes, Led fans would eat more power then fans without... it would be about 1w at the most.
  2. so your saying i should have more exhaust fans than intake?
  3. Not exactly.. a High CFM Fan would be best as an exhaust to cause more neg pressure.

    And you can cause more neg pressure, if you were to face for say, all 4 fans on the side to force air out of the case, drawing air in from the top and front.

    But if you have a HSF that is stock, which blows air on the MB, then you wouldn't want that type of fan config.

    So it's really best to mess around with it to figure out what works best for ya.
  4. you are supposed to have more blowing out than in so that you create negative pressure which not only works more efficiently in cooling but also makes the system quieter
  5. ya it snot really more fans blowing out its more cfm going out than in because otherwise the air isn't really doing anything because it can;t leave the case
  6. any suggestions for some high cfm low dB fans???
  7. if it helps, i have an artic freezer pro 7 aimed towards the back of the case
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