My new Core 2 Dou based system

here is my new system, I order it today. it will ship in 48 hours. I`m so excited. please shout your opinions:

Gigabyte EP35-DS3

Pentium4 Core 2 Duo E8400

A-Data Vitesta Extreme DDR II 4096MB, 800MHz, 2 x 2048MB

Seagate 500 Gb 7200 rpm, 32 Mb cache

BFG Tech VB88GTOC512 GeForce 8800GT, 625MHz/1800MHz

Sirtec HP-500-A12S ATX 12V v2.2, 500W

ASUS TA-863 case

total price is 970$ and I got a rebate so I`ll pay 940$
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  1. No such thing as a pentium 4 core 2 duo. It's just a core 2 duo.
  2. Agreed! Geta better PSU!
    Get also a better memory from Corsair or Crucial! A-DATA is just a cheap and sometimes good sometimes doesn't.
  3. yeah. already order it. and pretty sure I did the right choices. if not, I`ll be back here praying for help...:)
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