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Sometimes while a game is running my graphics card (MSI RX1950XT) suddenly "shuts down" and the screen is black for about 3 seconds then it is up again. I have the newest driver and patches for Vista. I also changed the card with another to see if I get the same problem and I did get it with my old GeForce 7300 GS too. Windows says it is a graphics card problem etc but it seems something else is messing with the graphic instead?
My mainboard is Elitegroup K8 HT2000 and AMD Athlon 64 +3200 and they worked always fine. If i have to buy a new part then it would be nice to know which one is faulty... any ideas?

Btw: I also get quite huge display errors in games. Whole textures just get covered with 1 single color and sometimes I can't see any 3D objects at all for some times. For example the whole floor is just green or I can see through wall...
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  1. Nobody can help? :(
  2. You installed Vista recently only?
  3. Could be the power supply or overheating. Hard to say though as these intermittent problems are hard to diagnose.
  4. No I use Vista for quite long and all went perfect but then I started seeing these blue/red/etc dots on the screen then whole textures were being displayed wrong and now even the graphics card just shuts down and up again while a game is running. And I reinstalled Vista to see if it would make things better but it didn't. My graphics card did feel quite hot though even though I didn't over clock it. As I said I tried it with 2 so it can't be that it is the graphics card. Maybe something that is connected to it? Mainboard or PSU?..
  5. Now something new happened. The screen just suddenly goes all black while the PC is still "running" and the only thing I can do is to reboot the PC. Seems something is breaking down more and more and soon it won't work at all. I want to replace the part asap but I really can't figure out which item is faulty if it can't be the graphics card.
  6. The Graphics card has a problem, should be.
  7. romulus47plus1 said:
    The Graphics card has a problem, should be.

    Yeah I'd say that too but when I used my old Geforce 7300 GS I got exactly the same problems again so it just can't be the card.
  8. OMG we are having the same exact problem. Everything that happened to you is happing to me. Im having that same problem with all 3 of my cards and both my XP and Vista. Im now thinking the problem is the Mobo but im not sure. PLSSSS Email me when you have solved this problem.
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