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Hi there, I'm new to Tom's Hardware but heard from reliable sources that this website be a good place to go for my problem. I hope I'm in the right section, forgive me if I'm not.

Anyways, on to my problem.

I recently had just an eMachines T6211 computer but with a ATI Radeon X800GTO graphics card.
The PSU that was supplied with this computer had a max wattage of 300w in which my card, requires a minimum of 350w.
This being the case, I went onto newegg.com and bought me a new case, the Raidmax Smilodon to be exact.

The case arrived 2 days ago and everything was going smooth.
I was able to get everything out of the eMachines case and place it into my new case.
After getting everything hooked up, I plugged in all the wires into the back and pressed on the power.
Everything was still running smooth: lights came on, all the fans, hard drives, CPU fan, graphics card, CD drives...just everything.
And when I look down to the monitor, I have no display.

The monitor is just a Dell CRT, nothing fancy.

When the cord from the monitor isn't plugged into the VGA slot, the monitor states "No Signal".
When I do plug the cord into the back of the computer, the monitor just seems to go to "sleep" by showing a orange light.
I've tried the motherboard VGA, and two graphics cards - none of them worked.

I can't figure out the problem either because the motherboard doesn't have a little speaker to *beep*.
But the case I bought came with one (just a small speaker with a 4 pin connector), although I can't seem to find a spot on the motherboard to even place it.

Besides trying two graphics cards and the motherboard VGA, I've re-seated everything plenty of times.
I've reset the CMOS plenty of times as well.
I even let the computer do its thing and load up Windows regardless of no display to see if my keyboard or mouse lights would come on but they didn't.
I've plugged the ethernet cord too, and that light comes on when the computer is on.

I haven't tried another monitor with it yet but I still doubt it would work nor have I tried my monitor on another computer.

My guess is that somehow, maybe the motherboard got shorted. It just doesn't make sense to how everything is on and running but I get no display.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time for those of who read all of this and took the time to respond. :)

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  1. Have you plugged the 4pin to the cpu?
    If you don't know what I am talking about, here is what I am reffering to: http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/5938/motherboardproductimagemd4.jpg
  2. Yup, if that wasn't plugged in, then the computer wouldn't start up at all.
  3. Im also running an e-machine with a very very similar problem. The only difference is that my system works with my nvidia 6200, but when I put the 7600GT in there, It boots to where Windows loads then the monitor goes into sleep mode. its the default monitor that came with the E-machine.

    1.5 gig of ram
    Celeron 3.3 ghz
    160 gig HD

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