Format wd elements portable hard drive 500gb to fat16

I bought WDElements 500gb portable hard drive it comes with NTFS, but I want to covert that Fat16, So that I can plug in the hard drive to my philips dvd player hts 3544.

any help would be highly appreciated
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  1. Create many partitions on FAT16....
  2. Why FAT16 ? I doubt it would work with FAT16, USB sticks are usually FAT32.
    In any case even if you convert to FAT32 I don't know that it will work with that drive.
    I have an LG unit with USB input for playing MP3's photos and Video clips, it failed to read a 40GB HDD, but plays USB sticks.
    Why don't you try Philips support and ask them before you go any further.
    PS. I just Googled the question and my suspicion was correct it does not play a 500GB drive only USB sticks. Read a response from H.Ilani at:
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