Which Card is more prefferable for Buying.

Which Card is more prefferable for Buying.

There are two choices for me, please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. XFX GeForce 8600 GT Video Card with 512mb DDR3.

2. eVGA GeForce 8600GT with 512mb DDR3.

3. eVGA GeForce 8600GTS with 512mb DDR3.

Or preffered some other card which is better than above within 125$ or Rs.5000

Please Help me i m very Confused................................................
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  1. Why not choose something better like the 9600GSO, 9600GT or 8800GT?
    They are at that 125$ range...
  2. Sorry i cant afford 9600GSO, 9600GT or 8800GT
    Because there price are higher not in the range
    it is above that range
    So., plz help me in above Graphix Card
  3. The 9600GT is plenty in the $125 range; after mail in rebates.

    KFA2's 9600GT is my personal favorite, and it's only $115 after rebate. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814162007 I accedentally rated it a 1 out of 5, but it's a very good card. It has 2 slot cooling, and has really good performace, as well as overclocking software in the box.
  4. then the 8600GTS is the best choice of the ones above.
  5. The best card of the three you named would be the "eVGA GeForce 8600GTS with 512mb DDR3".

    Edit: Bleh, I should stop looking other stuff while writhing... 2 people posted while i was doing it :P

    And coolgamer, look at his location I don't think newegg ships to India
  6. Agreed^^ 8600GTS > 8600GT
  7. I would avoid the 8600s like the plague. Those cards are all notorious under-performers, and have virtually never been good cards for the price. Strive for the 9600GT, or get an 8800GS... keep looking around, it'll be worth your while.
  8. How about the Radeon 3850? It's a bit faster than the 8600GTS and in some retailers carries similar price to the 8600GTS.
  9. A bit faster ? HD 3850 is alot better than a 8600GTS
  10. Check out this one.
    Its waayyy more powerful than 8600 series. Cheap and below $125.
  11. I concur, if you are in the US, get on newegg.com, you can get an 8800gs overclocked for about 100 bucks after you get a mail in rebate back. It's basically the same card as the 9600 gso. The 8600's would do for what you want probably, but the cards these guys are showing you would blow them away.
  12. ^ brilliant deal for that 8800GTS .... get it while stock lasts mate.
  13. He's from india guys...
  14. romulus47plus1 said:
    He's from india guys...

    then he's getting majorly ripped off :P

    anyhow these are the prices

  15. wow thats a good deal, a 8800GTS 512 blows way a 8600GTS (even 2 of them!)
  16. Prices there are awful, pity....

    Luckily my country sells them Okly. :D
    But I prefer US anyday though.
  17. xfx 8600gts, or the xfx 9600gt which costs may be 2k rs higher(i m frm chennai, dunno prices in ur state). but honestly 9600 is jus a lil more money to the 8600gts and will really do u good for the money too. according to www.theitwares.com (evga 9600gt is 8600rs). check the price in ur state too. if ur persistent any one from ur list. its the 8600gts 512 mb. or the xfx 8600gt 512 mb.(also dun take the overclocked version crap, jus get the stock one). chal hamara email id bhuvanesh_arumugam@yahoo.com.
  18. Hey Vanesh! the OP of this thread is from India too!
  19. i edited my msg. :). sorry i din notice at first
  20. Nah, need not say sorry. I got some Indian friends too btw.
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