Locked out of built in administrator account windows vista

Done tried everything possible , the only account we can sign in is a standered user , we have done safe mode , command prompt & we don't no the password to the built in administrator account so we can't do anything . It's a windows vista home premium , we have no disk/cd , usb or anything & everything we look up & try we can't do it bc we don't no the administrator password . & we've tried deleting the account , gotta have password . We rebooted it tapped f8 , put it in safe mode & done what it told us to do & no luck , honestly there's gotta be someway of gettin or deleting the password to administrator account or make a new one . I mean minus well throw the computer away , can't do NOTHING . someone tell me they no what to do !!
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  1. The forum doesn't provide help to bypass security measures , due to the fact of ownership can't be proven.Sorry.
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