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I am extremely confused at the readings I am getting from speedfan, and if they are even accurate. I can tell the obvious ones that are inaccurate. My question is which on is my CPU reading and is it accurate, and what is this other reading. They are called Core, and Temp3. Core has an AMD K8 chip and Temp3 has a IT8712F-J chip. They are both very low which makes me question there validity. To test which was which, I sprayed some canned air on my processor and both the readings went down at the same rate. So, please can you help me find out which is which. And, if you see any other things wrong in my picture please alert me.

Also, what do you think that Temp reading would be? The very bottom one that has the nForce2SMbu bus?
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  1. Sorry, can you clarify your problem?

  2. The temps look good, so whats your problem?
  3. Heh... when you install Speedfan, its going to tell you what it see's. It's up to you to figure out what it see's, and label them properly.
  4. My question is, what is temp3 and what is the core?
  5. Perhaps Temp3 the system or chipset temp. Not all MB have the same kind of sensors. That's more for you to figure out.

    However, you should have 2 core temps and CPU temp, I believe. Though I'm not too sure about how the sensors on Amd side.

    Try using HWmonitor, and compare what it shows, might give you hints on some things. Also your MB utility app should show temps on certain things that you could match up.
  6. Ah, thank you the HWmonitor helped out a bunch. Appreciate it.
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