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Hi, I have a small cyber cafe with about 10-20 computers and I'm wondering if there is any software that could stream games across my LAN. My plan is to buy an Intel Core i7 computer with 12gb DDR3 and GTX295 as the main server and stream the games to these old computers with Pentium 4 CPU's. Does any of you know of a software that can do this? I'll also upgrade my LAN with 1000mb/s switches and adapters so the bandwidth won't be a problem. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. I too used to have a LAN centre with about 20 PCs (currently closed but plan to re-open with ~35-40PCs), and have looked into this option however I found that it wouldn't be that easy:

    1. Would need 1000Mbps LAN with a decent switch (some cheaper switches are made up of a few smaller ones inside which can create bottlenecks).

    2. If 20 client PC are connected you would need more than one CPU. And more than one GTX295 or similar graphics card.

    3. Would probably have to use a technology like VNC to "stream" the games but VNC as it stands is optimised for such usage so would require some recoding.

    Basically hardware is available but would probably cost more than upgrading the PCs as you would normally, and there is currently no software out there that'll do the job.
  2. I found a software from but you have to log in everytime and get online to start a game. It's kinda too many steps for a regular teenage kid to launch a game and play it. I'll see if I can find better ones.
  3. I came up with an idea. Is it possible for me to run 20 virtual windows and each virtual windows giving full remote access to each outside computer so they can run and save their games there?
  4. I does seem that would essentially do the trick, although as you said the extra steps would make it a bit much, but also I can't tell from the website exactly how it works and specifically whether you can have 2 or more games running at once on the server. I'll have to look into it more.

    The virtual PC could work, the only issue is the RDP or VNC they would normally use isn't fully optimised for gaming so it may cause some extra lag, but I think this could be a good avenue to look at.
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