Mounting the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 with Retention bracket!!!!

So i got the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 because i saw good reviews for cooling my q9450 however, once i got it, it turned out to be a pain in the ass to mount, i even bought the retention bracket but i didn't know how to use it,mounted it wrong and it fell off before i got the comp running and the push pins that i ended up going with are a pain in the ass to use since the Heatsink is so big. eventually i got it on but wasn't mounted perfectly and it overheated my CPU. I still have faith in it though, i was just wondering how you mount it with the Retention bracket and if i can use a little bit of artic silver thermal compound 5 with it, since i used the thermal grease it came with and had to send my processor back to newegg for a new one. Thanks.
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  1. Have you been through the "How to install" flash animation?
  2. The one on their website? Yes i understand how to install the 4 pin, but i don't understand how to install the crossbow bracket, do i apply the black 4 peice bracket to the back of my motherboard and line it up with the holes then mount the CPU/heatsink on the topside of the motherboard or do i apply the black 4 peice crossbow bracket to the back of my case, then put the motherboard on top, and then the CPU/heatsink
  3. 4 piece? As far as I know there is only 1 crossbow piece which connects to the back of the motherboard and the spring loaded screws screw in from the top, these put alot more pressure onto the cpu plate and are better than the pushpins especially when mounted vertical which is most of the time. Also don't forget the rubber o-rings that go between the motherboard and the feet of the ximagtek. You only need artic silver between the cooler and cpu, make sure you clean the old stuff off properly. Also check your temps on boot up to make sure your in range and everything is fastened properly. You can adjust the pressure by using more washers but if its fastened well you shouldn't need to bother.
  4. There are two C-shaped brackets (that have springs and screws in them) that are screwed onto the cooler, to each side of the contact surface.
    The X-shaped bracket is then stuck onto the backside of the motherboard, using the adhesive that is already attached to it, so as to line up with the holes already present in the motherboard.

    All I can say here is that you should perhaps ask a friend that is a little more mechanically inclined to help you out.
  5. In all my other rants, in other threads this was my argument against the Xigmatek. It's poor mounting system.
  6. i dont remember getting rubber o-rings with the xigmatech heatsink or the extra crossbow bracket, do they come with the motherboard or are they seperate? And where exactly do you mount the fin, how many peices up do you go from the bottom of the heatsink on the back? and what is the purpose of the fin?
  7. There should only be ONE crossbow bracket, you don't need another one. O-rings are cheap and should fit snuggly onto the screws, the idea being you don't scar or crack the mobo when fastening, torsional stress can be significant when your mounting a heavy cooler.

    You can mount the fin anywhere or not mount it at all, its design to deflect air onto other mobo components or ram etc. Also remember to push air out of the case by using a greater flow fan to create induction between the two fans. eg, both fans should be pushing air in the same direction.
  8. hello, my xigmatek bracket came with NO O rings. is this how it should be, and do i need to go out and buy them myself?? thanks!!!
  9. I would recomend you do buy them, they are cheap and should be placed between the holding down pins/screws on top of the motherboard. This is to 1: protect the motherboard from damage in case people tighten thier cooler down too hard or 2: provide dampening from the vibrations caused by the fan on the cooler.

    You can go to a nut/bolt shop with your screws and get o-rings that have the same internal diameter as the screw/bolt. You don't need to tighten the cooler down too hard, just firm then half a turn to prevent loosening.
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