Need help picking out Motherboard for New CPU

I am really lost at picking out motherboards. I'm am looking for a new motherboard and CPU. I can only spend about $200-$300. Does anyone have an recommendations.

My friend recommended:

Is that a good combination?
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  1. i would trash the 650i, your better off with a p43 IMO...its cheaper AND newer, and you'll add up to no more than $250... although i don't know if they can overclock...but if they can, p43 is the way to go, and a good cooler, that e7200 can OC prettily
  2. From cheapest to most expensive
    Biostar P43 $80 after rebate
    Biostar P45 $110 after rebate and can crossfire at 8x/8x if wanted
    Asus P5Q $140 can crossfire at 8x/8x if wanted
  3. Thanks for the replies so far. I should have mentioned also that I use Nvida cards. I only have 1 8800GTS at the moment, but I might get 2 video cards in the future.

    Do you think it's worth buying an sli board now (for the future)?

    Also are these boards good for overclocking?
  4. Rumor has it that the P43s are not as good at overclocking as the P45s are, somewhat like the P33 and P35 motherboards. The P45s are excellent overclocking boards. If you want to run SLI in the future then you'll have to use a nVidia chipset for SLI. If you only want to go with a single card solution, then any of these motherboards will work fine. The P43/P45 use the new PCIex16 2.0 socket with twice the bandwidth of the old PCIex16 1.0 socket, but fully backwards compatible.
    The 650i motherboard you had linked uses the old socket and it limits SLI to 8x/8x.
  5. Thanks again.

    How do I tell which motherboards have the new chipset (both 16x speed)?

    How much is the difference between 2 8x and 2 16x?
    Is it noticeable?

    Finally, is there anyone who has had good experience with a motherboard? I keep reading these "horror stories" about all of these motherboards. I would really appreciate someone who has had first hand experience. Sorry, I'm a bit nervous. :)
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