P5K Deluxe will not post just cycles on and off

i have looked at other postings and have seen where others have had the same proublems have tryed every thing i have seen or read but it still just starts and before it starts it just stops then tryes to start just keeps that up
have it on desk with power supply, video card, keybord, any help would be very nice
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  1. Did it used to work properly (POST) and now it doesn't...or is this a fresh build and it won't POST?
  2. Quote:
    Let me get my crystal ball and try to sense what hardware you have, then maybe I can help you. LOOOL. Get a clue buddy.

    Are you like one of those pretty evil ladies like in the movies?
  3. i am sorry i am new at this this is a new motherboard i have never got it to post or boot up what ever is the right thing to ask
    the board is on a box out side of the case with only the power supply, one gig DDR2 800
    stick ram and video card, ( e-GeForce 7300 Gs DDR@ 256MB PCI-e )
    the motherboard is a ASUS P5k Deluxe /WiFi-AP when i try to start it it turns on runs for about 3 seconds then just keeps cycling on and off i just put new thermal compound on the heat sink didnt change still no post.
    and like i have built guite a few systems in my day but this is the first time i have ever tryed to use a forem like this
    Thank You For nny help you can give me
  4. Are you sure you have all the power connectors connected to the motherboard, including 4/8-pin power?
  5. Yes all connections are connected on this board if not it wont even try to start i was looking at other forum`s and other peouple have had the same
    proublem but havent found a Fix yet. took it to a computer repair shop but they wount even look at it for less than 150.00 and that is not even a guarentee that they can fix it i am sure ther should be some simple thing that i can do ( I HOPE ) Thanks again
  6. Okay, post your full specs so we can get to business of helping you.
  7. ok i hope this is what you are asking it is a ASUS P5K Deluxe
    intel LGA775 Platform
    intel P35 chipset
    intal Pentium 4 processor
    Dual-channel DDR2 800 MHz ram
    Heat Pipe & Stack Cool 2
    with ( e-GeForce 7300 GS PCI-E ) Video Card
    is that what you need?
  8. Well, we really need the:

    CPU (exact type, if possible)
    Cooling type (not necessarily, but just for grins)
    RAM (manufacturer, model & speed (ie PC6400)
    video card
    hard drives
    and anything else you've got plugged in or hanging off your system
  9. OK the cpu is intel M C 04
    Pentium 4
    630 SL729
    300 GHZ/2m/800/04A
    the RAM PATRIOT PSD21G8002
    1GB PC2-6400 CL5
    video card is e-GeForce 7300 GS PCI-E
    no hard drive pluged in at the moment That is all i have now
    i am still trying to just trying to get it up to the bios.
    it is sitting on a card board box.
  10. oh also the cooling fan is intel That came with the CPU
  11. Might be a stupid question but did you by chance overlook plugging in the power supply to the video card? Did you try posting with only one stick of ram?
  12. No the video card has a fan on it and the moniter is pluged into the card
    and yes i did try one stick ram even switched them one at a time
    but thanks it still just keeps cycleing on for about 3 sec then stops
    then back on and so forth.
  13. Are you absolutely sure you have the reset switch connected the right way?
  14. Try removing the CPU, place it in a pot of boiling lead and say goodbye...
    Im relatively sure (as and stake my life savings on it) That that Pentium 4 isn't 300GHz :P

    Anyway... Check the back of your mobo for any shorts. Is the Mobo on Cardboard or some other non-conductor/ organic based compound or is it just sitting on the kitchen bench?
  15. first of all the reset switch is not even connected the motherboard is setting
    on a BOX MADE OF REGULAR CARDBOARD and my cpu is a
    Pentium 4 3.00Hz SORRY i Missed the . my mistake
  16. 3 GHz, jk, I knew it wasn't.
    The boiling lead was reference to a movie... I couldnt think of its title and I really liked it, so I was hoping someone would go. "Ah thats from ..."
    But nevermind

    Have you checked your CPUs fan connector (around the right way etc.)?
    If you have a second PSU use that and see if it works.

    Try disconnecting as many components as possible (i.e. secondary GPU (I think mobo has onboard), leave only 1 stick of RAM etc.)
  17. CPU fan connector is on right if it wasent it would not even start at all
    dont have a second PSU to use
    i dont have any thing as stated above except power supply video card
    and one stick of ram any MORE HELP WOULD BE NICE
  18. If there is any one else out there that would have any ideas on this
    proublem would be Happy to here from you
  19. Hi,

    Try to boot without the cpu, ram and video card.
    The board should now beep reporting the missing components. If not the problem is in psu or mb, try another mb with that psu/ try another psu with that mb.
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