Question about using a partition or not for OS when I have 3 HDD

I am one of those people that reinstall their OS every six months or so. I just bought at third hard drive, and am wondering what people's opinions are on how I should partition/use them.

The drives:

Seagate 1TB 32mb cache (7200.12) SATA
WD 500gb 16mb cache SATA
WD 250gb 8mb cache IDE (currently inside an external USB case)

I'm using Windows 7 RC right now, and I usually have upwards of 100gb of programs (many of them games). Most of my storage need is for large video files, as well as almost 100gb of music/photos.

I'd like to use my new Seagate drive for my OS since I figure it will provide the best performance, but if I partition it and use most of it for other files I realize it will degrade some of the performance.

Anyone have an idea for an ideal setup?
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  1. Use the 500GB for the OS, in a partition of 50GB or 60GB....
  2. Any reason for your thinking? And would you suggest also installing programs on the 500GB but on a separate partition?
  3. The 1TB is good in storage, but you need more that 4 partitions for a good administration of this, and for that you can make more that 4 partitions need convert the disk to dynamic. For a good performance of a dynamic disk, you need a RAID-5 o RAID-0.

    You need the 32MB cache for the games, not for the OS. The 250GB is an IDE, isn't so fast how the SATA.

    The 500GB you can partitioning on 60GB for OS and programs, and the unused space can be add to the 1TB.

    Finally, you can use the 250GB for backup.
  4. Thanks for the help. I hope I understand you correctly.

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    Make a partition on the 500gb SATA drive for the OS and programs around 60gb. Then extend the 1tb drive to include the rest of the 500gb drive. Finally I'll put everything else, including game installations, on the 1tb drive. The 250 will be my backup drive.

    Is that right? Thanks again for the suggestion
  5. Yes, it's correct. But isn't a extended, is a mapped folder to the unused space of the 500GB.
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