How do I connect speed controller to my case fans?

This is a stupid question but I need to know!

I have a dual speed controller which was part of my old blown Thermaltake TWV500 PSU. I still have the two thermaltake 120mm case fans in my case. I now have a Gigabyte PSU ( 800w Odin GT).

The case fans are now running full blast and are way too noisy. I want to connect my old controller to them. The controller consists of a pot for each fan.

Am I to use the fan controller pots to vary the resistance in the power line going to the fans to vary the voltage or what, as the fans have one yellow sensing wire while my speed controllers have two wires?

This can't be complicated can it?

Your advice please!
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  1. Yep, I was right, this was a dumb question!! :o

    I had another look, I found my noisy fan, it has a VR controller plug on it ( 3000RPM) which plugs into my controller, the other quiter fan 1600RPM is now being monitored my my PSU (WTF) as I cannot vary the speed on it but it is quite.

    To adjust the speed on thiis one I would have to do a little bit of soldering to mate up the PSU's supply to the fan to the fan as I don't have the correct connector on this fan ( no VR control plug).
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