Question about the Motherboard for my new gaming rig

Ok so I'm currently working on picking out a new computer. Right now I'm looking specifically at Alienware computers although I'm open to other manufacturers. I do need to have it built for me since I'm a hardware noob.

However every time I mention the 680i motherboard that comes in the Alienware Area 51 i'm currently considering I get told its a terrible motherboard, so I'm wondering if the one that comes in their Aurora is any better, or if I should scrap Alienware all together and go someplace else (if thats true I would LOVE a few suggestions of places).

I'm looking to spend around 2200 on a computer (hard capped after tax at 2400).

I need it for almost exclusively gaming, I wll be doing homework on it but I don't do anything besides games that should be taxing on the system.

Currently i'm looking at

Intel Q6600 quad core
4 gb DDR2 RAM
Dual 512 Nvidia 9800 GT
500 GB Hard Drive
1000 watt power supply

I'd like to get something around this level if I have to switch companies for a better motherboard. However any help, specifically about whether or not the AMD is any better quality wise or a pointer towards another company on the same price level with better motherboards would be helpful. (I've looked at Falcon Northwest but their computers seem to cost nearly 4 or 5 hundred dollars more with the same hardware in them)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. PSU is overkill but the guts of it look good. what case are you cramming it into
  2. PSU?

    And I'm buying it pre-built from Alienware.
  3. power supply unit,

    should be able to run COD4 at max with70+ FPS crysis at medium
  4. yeah its intentionally overkill so I wont have to replace it later if I want to upgrade.

    Any thoughts on the motherboard or the company i'm buying from? Thats really what I was hoping for feedback on.
  5. alienware always seem to choose high quality parts, haven't heard anything bad about them except the "i can do it cheaper my self" but remembering they give you a warrenty build it and i think some of them they OC before sending out.

    the 680i has a bit of a bad rep i havent used it so i leave that there, im running a 750i and its fine i have noticed the core voltage reads lower then i set it but i dont think thats a biggy in your case. it hasnt caused me any trouble.

    Alienware are pretty good
    falcon northwest are expensive as you rightly said.

    if they have a PC with a nvidia 750i you might consider that.
  6. They have one with a 790i but its like 400 more, would that be worth it?
  7. hard to say the 790i has a lot of features you wont use and thats why its more expensive. the 750i is a cut down version. much cheaper. in that case probably the 680i is the best bet
  8. I would strongly suggest against 2 9800GT's in SLI. Your best option would be the single fastest card you can afford and Intel chipsets are much more stable than Nvidia chipsets which is why most people suggest a P45 and a 4870.

    You could build yourself or you could find a local computer shop and ask them how much it would cost to put the system together if you bought the parts, doing either would save you a lot of money.

    The PSU is serious overkill, the system as you have it listed will be lucky to use 500 watts so any quality 600w PSU would work and if you want some headroom you could get a 750w and it wouldn't break a sweat.

    Another thing is that currently high clocked dual cores (E8400, E8500) beat quads in every game except a couple and if your looking for purly gaming performance then you should be looking dual rather than quad. A E8400 with a P45 and a 4870 would be much cheaper and would blow away the system you listed in gaming performance.
  9. 680i is garbage, I used to have one and it was nothing but problems and if you do a little looking around you will see that there is very little nice said about them. The 790i requires DDR3 which will not add to performance but will seriously jack the price up.
  10. Really looking to buy this from a specific manufacturer. Every one I seem to look at out there uses the Nvidia chip-sets, is there any place I may have missed that uses a better motherboard?

    Also would the AMD motherboard be any better?
  11. I looked at CyberPowerPC and configured a system with a E8500, Rampage Formula X48 and a ATI HD4870 and it came to roughly $1600 so that's something you might want to consider. That price was also including performance Mushkin memory and a few other extras but exactly what you get will depend on your preference.

    Check them out here
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