How do I obtain a 1:1 ratio using ddr800 with an intel e8500??

Hey guys I'm in a spot of trouble! I cant find a good answer to this question anywhere so I hope someone here can help me out :)

Anyways, Im looking at getting a computer with an Intel e8500 for the processor. now I've been reading that if possible, it is good to match up your ram speed and CPU fsb to get a 1:1 ratio.

My question is, if I were to use DDR800 Ram, how much would I have to overclock my e8500 to be able to obtain a 1:1 ratio, and would it be worth the trouble performance-wise?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You'd need to overclock your E8500 so that the FSB reached the ratio that matches the RAM:

    DDR2 800/2 = 400

    E8500 clock is 9.5 x 333 mhz = 3.2 ghz

    So, if you want it to be 1:1, you need that FSB to reach 400, like the memory.

    If you get it there, your new clock become 9.5 x 400 = 3.8 ghz.

    That should be a moderate overclock and nothing extreme.

    Yes, overclocking is worth the performance - IT'S FREE! :)

    Good luck. Hope that's the info you need.

    PS: Read the overclocking guide to help you out - it's got a lot of good info about what you need to do so you don't ruin anything in the system.
  2. go to bios and overclock your cpu to 400 fsb so it will work at 1:1 ratio
  3. right, thank you very much! that is exactly what I wanted to know :)

    good night gentlemen
  4. Glad to help. Good luck.
  5. Except that it may not be a good idea to OC your CPU straight to 3.8 w/out testing intermediate steps. More conservative approach is to set FSB at 400 and underclock the CPU to x8 (3.2 Ghz), then if that works raise the CPU multiplier in 0.5 steps. That way you you don't change the RAM and CPU demands at the same time so if/when it fails you'll know who's responsible.
  6. So would it be more beneficial if you have 800 memory to set your cpu multiplier to 8 x 400 instead of 9 x 333 ?
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