Please help with suggestions and overview my build

Hi there. I'm considering building a pc for the first time. I am looking to spend about 1-1,200 or a little more and I need everything, including the case.

If you see I am over my budget in the below things, I can go a little over.

Here is what I would like included with the build:








Hard drive

How does this look? Is it all compatible? Thank you for any help!
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  1. Buy a retail boxed CPU not that OEM one you picked. It comes with no heatsink or fan and only a 1 year warranty. Boxed CPUs come with a heatsink and 3 year warranty.

    Good choices mostly. PSU- Top-notch choice there. Motherboard is fine, you can get the DS3L instead if you don't need RAID and save money. Better idea would be to move to the new P45 chipset. Will only cost you $30 more:

    RAM: Get this G.Skill kit:

    OR deal of the day:
    4-4-4-15 RAM 2GB for $28
  2. Hey, thanks for the help Shadowduck! I changed the CPU to this one

    and went with the ram you suggested. Your are kind to help!

  3. That's the right one lostjohnlocke. :)
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