Deleting Windows Backup and Moving it to new Drive?

I want to either move or restart Windows Backup to a new drive. So I'd like to wipe the current Backup off the drive it is currently on.

I really don't care that much about saving older recovery points. Is there a way to just switch where the recovery is saved and once a new restore point has been created on the new drive I could just delete the old files on the other drive?
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  1. I don't understand.

    Put in your new drive and do a backup of your data. Then format the old drive.

    Why would you want to move old backups from your old drive to your new backup drive??
  2. I don't want to completely wipe the old drive. I'd just like to remove the 300+GB of Backup off of it. I'm not sure exactly how Backup works. I set it up and forgot about it.

    Is there a way to just set Backup to save to a new location on the new drive? And then I could just delete the files from the old drive.
  3. Ok searching did not bring up much info and I want to use the drive for other things so I deleted the files for Windows 7 Restore/Backup off the drive I had originally set it up to save it on.

    So when I go to the Windows Backup and Restore dialog screen it says "manage space" > "browse" on the next screen but I am unable to select a different location?!?! What is up with that? When I click "manage space" it just starts a Windows Explorer window, with no way to select a different location. And it is still showing the old drive B: and I want to change it to G:

    Any ideas?
  4. Is there a better place to ask this question?
  5. Yes in the hardrive section.

    Personally I still don't understand your question. If you have a brand new drive, why would you want to keep your data on the old drive?

    Transfer the data you need from the old drive to the new drive and format the old drive.
  6. I don't want the Back Up on the old drive anymore, I want that space for other stuff. I want it now to be on another drive, the new drive I just bought. And I'd like to change the drive where it will be stored, the letter of this new drive G:, which it won't give me the option to do that. In the menu it says "manage space" but when you click on that the next option is "browse" but after that no way to change the drive.

    I'll go ask my question in the hard drive forum. Thanks.
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