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I have an acer aspire m3100 desktop with an AMD athlon 64x2 (2.8GHz), 4GB ram, windows vista home premium, and so on. I purchased it from circuity city, and i was wondering what the chances are that a computer bought at the often resented electronics store has the socket am2 motherboard, the one where you can switch processors in and out. Or if someone could help me figure out if it is by looking for a certain label or something on the hardware itself--it's messy in there though. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. According to this website:

    it is in fact a AM2+. That doesn't mean that it will be easy to upgrade. First off according to Acer, your computer only has a 250W supply. The other thing is whether or not your BIOS will support more than a 6400+. If that's the case, the 6400+ is not much of an upgrade and as far as I know all 6400+s are 90nm where as your 5600+ is a 65nm CPU. Since it's an OEM box, overclocking is out. So many sticky questions when it comes to upgrading on OEM boxes. I couldn't find any information on upgrading with regards m3100.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  2. i want my cpu`s motherboard to be updated or activated......properly :p
  3. Hello - I am a new guy here, I realize this thread is a couple years old, but it is very similar to my situation. I have an Acer M3100 from Circut City. Recently I took it to Computer Deli and was told the mobo is bad.

    Would any of you recommend I just buy an exact model mobo like this, or could I just buy a cheapo and save some bucks since its a 4 year old desktop? I've seen some under $50.

    I plan on using it mainly for web, light business use.

    Thank you in advance for your help, and what a privilege it is to have this site as a resource!
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