CD/DVD Drive not reading anymore?


I just used my CD/DVD drive about a week ago to instal some software...

I tried to use it yesterday, and it could not read the data on the CD. I tried multiple CD's an no help. I checked BIOS and it recognizes that it is present. Power is getting to the unit because I can open/close. Windows looks like it recognizes the unit because I can see drive E: in explorer.

Any thoughts? Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated...

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  1. How old is the drive? If it's an older drive, the laser may well have burnt out.
  2. The drive is ~2+ years old.

    I used the drive with no problem about a week ago. Minimal use on this drive.

    I did all the good stuff a good nerd would do...check power, reinstalled driver, etc... all good. My guess is laser might have gone bad somehow...not sure how to check though.
  3. Try booting to the DVD. Put a bootable DVD/CD in it and set the CD/DVD as first boot device. You can use your install disk for Operating system - Just bomb out if it can read it. This will tell you if it is the drive or a operating system/software issue. If you do not have a bootable CD/DVD, go to a friends house and download a bootable ISO file for Memtest 86 and create a bootable disk - can verify it works by tring to boot from it on friends computer, or try next approach.

    Best way is to put it in another computer. If you do not have a 2nd computer check a friend out and connect to his.

    Two year old should still be good, Qualifier - Should.
    The laser could be dead, but it could also be dust on the lens (Hint cheap lens clean) or it could be the mechanical positioning system for the laser. You said you reloaded the drive.

    Did you go to Hardware and delete the CD/DVD drive and let windows reload. Did you reload software??
  4. I tried the bootable DVD/CD thing --> did not work.

    Did you go to Hardware and delete the CD/DVD drive and let windows reload? --> YES

    Did you reload software?? --> YES

    I'll try cleaning the laser...
  5. If that does not work, I would suggest it's time to start shopping sorry to say.
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