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Couple of days ago I had to reset my system, because it froze up. Upon rebooting I was asked to run Windows check disk (as usual). After I ran Windows check disk, one of my partitions was no longer recognized, and if I tried to access it through explorer Windows asked me to format it. This has never occurred before so I do not know why it happened or what I should do about it. Can anyone help? My original format was ntfs
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  1. Right click on my PC, manager, and finally in disk manager. In this window you can see th state of your HDD, if the partition that you say is unallocated or another state different from the normal state, the only option is format and recover the data.
  2. Ok... Here is the read-out of the Disk Managment section (concerning the volume in question)
    Volume: F

    Layout: Partition

    Type: Basic

    File system: RAW

    Status: Healthy (Active)

    Capacity: 213.34 GB

    Free Space: 213.34 GB

    Free Space: 100%

    Fault tolerance: No

    Overhead: 0
    So by "state" I guess you meant Status. But that does not matter, as I am not concerned with the state (or status) of my partition, but rather with what happened to its file system format. Or, more precisely, why did it change from NTFS32 to RAW after I ran Windows Check Disk. As I have mentioned before, this partition was accessable and had about 200 GB of data on it prior to running check disk after reboot(reset). This drive has, and has always had, allocated space to this particular partition. Anyway, every piece of information that I can get from my computer points towards the fact that this partition has been somehow earased. So I was wondering if this is something Windows Check Disk function does, and if so in what case(s).
  3. Your self said, the status is Ok, the type is Ok, but the file system isn't ok. Run CMD and write this:

    CD.. 2 or 3 times till CMD only shows C:\, after this write:

    convert c: /fs:ntfs, a message said that you can't convert the partiton 'cause is on use. Write N, the system ask you if you can do the convertion when the system re-boot again, write Y.

    This command convert your actually file system to NTFS.

    REMEMBER THAT C: /FS:NTFS, the C is the letter from the drive that you want convert, in this case F.
  4. Strange.. I get Data error on the CRC, when I run that command in cdm on partition F. Anyway, I recovered all files from this partition and formatted it. So I wont be needing any help now :) But thank you for taking time to answer my question as best you could.

  5. Ok, your welcome.

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