Should I wait for the Nehalem CPU? Nope!

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum.

Well, I have finally decided to upgrade from my trusty old Athlon XP System. I am currently planning on building a new computer centered around the Intel Core 2/Core 2 DUO based CPU/Motherboard.

My question for everyone is: Should I wait until around October/November of this year (Based on the recent News Item) and get a Nehalem CPU/Motherboard or should I get a Wolfsdale/Yorkfield based Core 2 CPU/Motherbaord now?

I would like to be able to upgrade with a newer processor in the future and plan to use a DDR3 memory based motherboard.

What I am concerned about is that early web previews of the Nehalem CPU currently show that this new CPU will require a Socket Change.

Thanks for your input.

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  1. You can build a e8400/P45 or even Quad/X48 system that would be like night and day to an Athlon XP and for scratch. Nehalem will be months after release getting config and prices settled. Go for a mid C2D system now. Nothing wrong with Athlon XP system, I still run one. But not comparable to a fast C2D/Quad. DDR2 is cheap right now. DDR3 is expensive and the current latencies are not worth the higher transfer rates. DDR2 for now. It is so cheap.
  2. well if youre already planning on using ddr3, i say wait for nehalem.
  3. I don't care for current DDR3 specs and prices. Especially when deals like this are available. No brainer.
  4. Two years from now it will be worth it to get a Nehalem.
  5. ^ for now I agree...

    but once nehalem comes out.... DDR 3 should really show its stuff...

    now its going to be in tri- channel instead of dual... and the speed of the ram should finally be utilized due to the lack of a FSB... when you have ddr3... your only using so much because thats all the FSB can use... but when you don't have a FSB the bottleneck on the ddr3 should be eliminated
  6. Not to mention the plain optimization for DDR3. DDR3 should really shine on a Nehalem system. That said, a Q9450 and an X48 motherboard with 4GBs of 1066 DDR2 like what Badge suggested is a great option too.
  7. It's be at least another 8 months before Consumers can get their hands on Nehalem cpus. So if u want to wait that long be prepared.EMF-NB-1058
  8. ^ Even so, it should lower prices =)
  9. Wouldn't you rather wait until Nehalem or whatever comes and makes the higher end cheaper? Its not really that long of a wait...
  10. Nah ... get a cheap Q now and any old cheap ram ... just plenty of it.

    Better to get a decent video card than waste money on the better Q processor and decent ram.

    Get a decent cooler for it so you can up the fsb a bit.

    Make the silicon squeal a bit ...

    Waiting ... did enough of that with Phenom ...

    The 4870 looks a great choice for a graphics card too ... or two of them if your greedy.

    Buy a big quality PSU for the beast and a well cooled case too.

    Good luck !!
  11. I would think a 4850 more value... the 4870 is

    50% increase in price

    20% increase in performance


    Probably wants a better cooler... 4850 stock cooler runs hot
  12. That's just what we need here AFG ... a smartypants !!!

    heh heh
  13. Go fish, Crocodile Dundee
  14. I ferkin pay my tax !!!
  15. Yeah, Nehalem is about 20% better clock for clock... I'd just wait for it to push down prices. Nehalem can't be worse than C2Q, right?
  16. It depends tho... like with the 4850 launch everything became really cheap...

    I would think you right however. Nehalem is only a high end Q4 08 product.

    You are alot smarter than what you sig and disclaimer say.
  17. bobbknight said:
    Two years from now it will be worth it to get a Nehalem.

    2 years from now we will be on the verge of Sandy Bridge so Westmere (the 32nm shrink) will be the best choice since it will be 32nm, have better heats and better performance and more than likely be a good price.
  18. Thank you all for your input!

    After consulting different sources including your help, I have decided to go with a Wolfsdale/Yorkfield based computer system. After looking at some of the review websites, if I every need to overclock this system I can be looking at 3.5 to 4 Ghz headroom for these processors.

    Now I will ask for some more information: When the Nehalem CPU comes out later this year, will the motherboards and CPUs go down in price or just the CPUs?

    I have been looking at the Asus Striker 2 Extreme or Asus Striker 2 NSE motherboard for the ability to overclock if need be via the FSB. Currently the price difference is almost $100 right now between the two boards. If there is going to be a price drop there as well, that would be nice to know for planning purposes.

    If anyone is intrested in the planned specs for this new system, let me know.

  19. Look at the DFI Lanparty X38/X48 series. They have all the quality of an Asus and a Gigabyte but are cheaper and have MUCH more detailed BIOS and are made for overclocking. The prices will definitely go down, but a Q9450 wont go down too much and the X38/X48 motherboards are at pretty decent prices now and most likely wont drop.
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