HTPC/Gaming builds, need suggestions!

Okay, here are two candidate builds.

This is the more expensive and could really be used as a nice gaming system. It is pushing the limits of my budget which is right around $600 (less is better of course).

And then this:

AMD Based with onboard video (although even with the card I have from the first rig it would still be cheaper than the first option).

I have a dvd drive, and hard drive already, so I dont think Im missing any bits. I also dont need tuner and dont record anything, I just download what I watch or use DVDs.

The case is new, but the reviews on it are really good- the PSU I chose because although it is also new most of the reviews mention that it is the perfect fit for the case (not suprising) and quite good.

My goal is to have a medium power gaming rig that is quiet, looks good, and can play HD content either off disk or an internal blu ray which I will get later.

Would love to hear any suggestions comments or anything else that may help me finalize the box!

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  1. Can't open your list man..
    I am not a customer from newegg since I am living in germany.
  2. Note the word "secure".

    No one will be able to view your list unless they login as you.

    List your parts individually and provide and description for each link. People hate blindly clicking on links.
  3. No problem viewing your shared newegg lists here.

    Your components look decent enough to me. The AMD onboard may be a little weak for gaming if that is your intent. The 8600GT isn't much to brag about for gaming either, but it is dirt cheap. I guess it all depends on what games you plan on running. Maybe try to stretch to a HD3850 or even a 9600GT? Both are much better than the 8600GT.

    Here's a similar SFF case that has a bundled modular 600W PSU for $90 if you want to save some money:

    With the money saved you could afford a better gaming video card. Of course for HTPC use, onboard video or the 8600GT is plenty.
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