Samung 2253BW OR 2253LW HELP

Hey guys whats up? I'm pretty new here so excuse if i post wrong or anything. I'm having a bit of a problem to decide on a monitor.

Samsung 2253LW -


I've been looking at these two cause i heard samsung makes really good stuff and well its within my price range as well..only thing is that i hear the 2253BW has some bleeding issues altho its minor some have it more than others and also a buzzing sound issue which is related to brightness at times.

So just would like u all reviews on this and if any of you own anyone and also other suggestions are welcomed cause i will be using this monitor for more gaming and movies.

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  1. I saw these two monitors in shop this week... the LW is way too glossy for me.
  2. The only difference between the monitors is that the 2253LW has a glossy finish and the 2253BW has the traditional matte black finish that most monitors have.

    A glossy finish means better color saturation so that colors looks richer. However since it is a mirror finish you need deal with reflections from light sources. You will also see reflections of objects on a black screen. That includes yourself.
  3. I'd personally go with the BW (the matte finished one) as I hate reflections while gaming, watching movies/anime, and online. (large window to my left, lets in lots of light/glare, but I like the view).
  4. I'd pick the 2253BW. I don't even understand why they make glossy monitors. If I wanted to look at myself I'd just use a mirror.

    BTW, I have a 216BW, and it doesn't reflect a thing :)
  5. I have a 2253LW, it DOES NOT have a glossy screen. The ONLY difference is that the LW is 21.6", and the BW is 22". The LW is considerably less expensive, so I'd go with that unless you you need that extra .4". The BW came out first, and is being replaced by the LW from what I can gather. Both are quite nice, and you won't find better in the price range. I have heard of minimal backlight bleeding around the edges, but mine shows zero. As for buzzing, I haven't experienced anything like that. The monitor has some funky auto contrast features that are terrible; just turn them off. The default setting are also too bright, and blue, but that's fixed easily enough. They claim 2ms g to g response, and it is a very snappy monitor. Games and movies play very well. I highly recommend either of these monitors. They are the best TN panels I've seen, and every bit as good as the 226BW's that everyone likes. I've heard some complaints about the stand, but I have no issue. I think the way the base swivels is uncomfortable to some, and there is the potential to scratch a very fine desk surface. The monitor tilt works well enough, but is not super smooth, and there is no up/down adjustment. My only qualm is the control button setup on the monitor. Unless you're in a super lit room, you cannot read the labels. It's overall clumbsy.

    With all this said, I don't think you'll find a better TN panel than these monitors. It's certainly fantastic for gaming, good for movies. I use it for imaging as well, but like all LCDs, especially TN panels, the color isn't perfect. I'm pretty familiar with everything in this price range, and the samsung performs the best. And though the physical features may not be perfect, it is a very attractive unit as well. For the price, the 2253LW is the way to go, unless you think you'd really notice a .4" difference.
  6. hmm ok..but i've been reading about users complaining about the backlight bleeding to the top n bottom but this applies to the 2253BW (I haven't heard any bout the 2253LW)..and that concerns me so what do you guys think? You all have any suggestions?? remember i want to use it for gaming and movies :)

    Thanks for that ClownBaby. :)
  7. I have the 2253BW ,and i dont have the 'backlight bleeding' thing.
    I bought this version 1 month ago ,and i have no complaints.
    its great for gaming and watching movies .
  8. hmm interesting..all that i read i heard ppl talking of the bleeding...clownbaby has me leaning toward getting the LW...

    u all have any other suggestions? it doesn't have to be Samsung.
  9. Thanks for your comments Clownbaby.

    I'm in the same boat -- about to purchase a new 22 in monitor, and it will definitely be a Samsung.

    However, I'm torn beyween the 2253LW you have and the older 226BW. Since it seems you have experience with both, which one would you recommend?

  10. Hey rrpalma..i came across the Samsung T220 it looks really good to so i'm sorta leaning toward getting one of that...would love to hear if anyone heard of has used one of those :D
  11. Just purchased the 2253lw, havent had a chance to play with color settings as i had to run into work pretty much right after it came in.

    Just wanted to hop on and confirm, the monitor absolutely DOES NOT have a glossy screen, it has a piano black glossy >>bezel<< around the screen. Looks very classy IMO.

    Also, can be found for about 30-40 less than the BW version and they're the same monitor, sans the .4" difference, which is utterly non issue IMO.
  12. The BW's are not sold right now.
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